Friday, 10 January 2014

SSAJ Trip to Kanazawa (Part 2)

And now we're back with part two (and the final part) of my trip to Kanazawa!

The first place we went to was the ninja temple.

It looks nondescript on the outside, but trust me, if you go to Kanazawa, you have to go here! True, there aren't any ninja's hanging about (sadly), but it's still one of the coolest houses/temples that you will ever see. It's even got a death chamber for Seppuku (you can't open it from the inside, so once you're trapped inside....). 

Two words: MUST GO. 

After the ninja temple, we headed for lunch. We searched high and low for a good shop and finally stumbled across a sushi shop. 

You have to walk over a bridge to get to the shop,
way cool. 
The staff were really friendly and the food was excellent! Take a look at my sushi:

The green thing isn't wasabi (like I initially thought), it's miso-crab. <3
And my dessert:

Are you hungry yet? 

After that, we headed to Nagamachi Samurai District. It's just full of houses from when there were samurai. There is a pottery shop and a cafe, but other than that, not much. 

I am extremely fascinated with the straw coverings though. 
But once you leave the houses (and get to a road), there is one of the top three gardens in Japan, whose name eludes me for now. It's next to a Japanese sweet shop, so you can get your shopping and sightseeing done in one convenient place. 

Last, we headed for the Chayagai. It's basically a shopping place, and I ended up buying more fukubukuro's. You'll also notice that Kanazawa seems to like to sprinkle gold flakes on food and put it into soaps. 

It's got a cool retro vibe
There's also a geisha house, so if you have time, you might want to go there. There's also a really cool ice-cream shop with flavours like Soy Sauce and Amazake (sweet sake). And nope, the soy sauce was excellent, not gross. 

We got around Kanazawa using a loop bus, which cost 500 yen for one day (you can ride it as many times as you want). Mind, it only goes one way, so if you want to head in the opposite direction, you'll have to figure out which other buses the one day pass applies to. In the end, we just took a taxi back to the hostel, since we were rushing for time. 

I really wish I arrived on time during the first day. I'd have loved to explore more! 

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