Sunday, 2 February 2014

Look What I Found!

Today, as I was going home from Church, this sign caught my eye.

It's a small, cramped library called KinKon館

It says 貸本 (kashihon - book for loan) and it's a lending library called KinKon館. It lends manga at 80yen per book for a day. The uncle running the stall is actually really proud of it - that manga that costs 400yen can be borrowed for 80 yen.

To be honest, that's a bit expensive considering that I can get the same book at BookOff for 105 yen (and I won't have to return it). But if you don't want to have too many books in your house, this might be a good option. And anyway, as much as I love BookOff, I want small shops like this to stay in business.

So yes, I ended up borrowing one book - the first volume of One Piece. And I'll probably go back every now and then to borrow manga that I want to read but don't know if I want to own.



一日一冊の漫画を貸すは80円をかかります。ちょっと高いけど、One Pieceの最初の本を貸しました〜

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