Friday, 7 February 2014

The End (of my favourite cafe Usagi no Mori)

Today was my last day of exams and the last day I got to eat at one of my favourite cafes here. Obviously, I'm happy about one event and sad about the other.

So instead of dwelling on things like my exams (although I do want to say that I'm super grateful that I managed to finish my Greek paper in time), I want to dwell on the closing of one of my favourite cafes. Wow, I'm feeling down today.

You may remember the cafe as the place where I learnt to make things like eclairs and cream puffs. And yes, you should go look at the link and drool. Well, that shop is moving to a different, far, 40min walk away location. While the baking school is still open, the cafe is going to be closed for good. That means I won't have the chance to eat a delicious set lunch like this again:

Or have cake like this (unless it's what I'm learning to bake):

 If you're wondering about the teapot, well, the meal is supposed to come with coffee, but the lady running the shop knows I don't like coffee, so she changed it to a pot of tea for me.

And since I may not have the chance again, I bought back a piece of the chocolate cake to eat at home.

Plus, I even got this pretty necklace (and it was only half-price)

On the bright side, I have a lesson for strawberry cake at the new location on the 3rd of March!

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