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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My Sisters in Japan (AKA One Week in Fukuoka)

My sisters came to visit me last week, so of course I brought them round my favourite spots (which is to say, Huis Ten Bosch). The difference in this trip is that I had my tripod with me! Well, cause my sisters brought it over.

My adorable sisters and I
It's definitely much easier taking panorama photos/GIFS with a tripod, although carrying it around is much heavier. And since I can't really talk about the trip without either rahashing the same old praise about Huis Ten Bosch or revealing too much personal information, here are some photos!

We bought these macaron pops, but they left before we
could eat it D:
Which are mostly Google+ Auto-Awesome shots

Do you know how long and how hard I've been trying to get this? 
Panorama of Thriller City, where the light show was.

And of course, the Tulip Festival

And Palace Huis Ten Bosch at Night

I must say though, it was really fun having my sisters over. I didn't realise how much I missed my family until they came and then left. The leaving part is always the hardest for me, because living alone (and I mean alone, without any neighbours like in TUFS) isn't always fun. It's mostly lonely.

Since they couldn't stay very long (my youngest sister only had a week's break), their trip was really rushed. Hopefully the next time they come for a free and easy, they can stay longer (like my mom and little bro) and we can spend some time taking it easy (which is actually what my mom and bro did most of the time, while I was at school).

By the way, if any of you are planning a trip to Fukuoka, here's the one-week itinerary, perhaps you'll find it helpful.

Arrive: 2.30pm
Drop luggage off
Marinoa City Outlet Mall for Shopping and Dinner.

Huis Ten Bosch (One 2-way Ticket costs 4900 yen, hotel fees depend on the season)

Day 3
Huis Ten Bosch
(Note: We spent 3 days 2 nights here because Huis Ten Bosch was having it's "Country of Light" event going on and I didn't want to rush through the illumination shows in one night and tire everyone out. If there's nothing going on, you may just want to keep this to a 2 day 1 night stay)

Day 4
Return to Hakata in the morning (we took the earliest train)
Lunch at Hakata Station (Leave your luggage in the locker if your hotel is far)
Shopping at Hakata, Tenjin Underground Shopping Centre (and BookOff Super Bazaar) and Canal City. Dinner at Ramen Stadium in Canal City

Day 5
Spaceworld (Amusement Park. JR sells the tickets there and back + entrance tickets as a set)

Day 6
Bye bye Fukuoka D':

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