Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Quiet Days

If you've been wondering why I haven't been blogging lately, I have a very simple explanation: my life has been boring lately and I really don't want to make inane posts for the sake of making posts. Although if I was an entertaining writer, this wouldn't be a problem.

*Inane post section: Time for lists!*

All I've been doing lately would be:

a. Baito (I'm still considering whether to even blog about this because I want to respect my students' privacy and I don't know how to do that for now). Thanks to +Micha Fire for pointing this out. 'Baito' is short for 'Arubaito' (which is supposed to be a German word) and means part-time work. Basically, I teach English (being unqualified for almost everything else).
b. Sleeping (sleep is good)
c. Sewing (occasionally). And as a PSA, from now all, all posts related to sewing, food and so on will be posted at my new blog This is my Girly Side, making this blog more focused on Japan :D
d. Preparing for my sisters' arrival. Yes, my sisters are coming on Sunday! I'm so excited!

*Slightly more interesting part: Photos!*

And to make this post a not-so-inane one, here are some photos that I took lately:

I think these are plum blossoms. I took this shot while walking home from the supermarket, and after the filters were applied, I thought it looked an awfully lot like a Chinese painting.

Pretty sunset at Tenjin. That reminds me, it's Fukuoka Fashion Week now, and there's a fashion market on Saturday, I should go check it out. 

Isn't the "Thank You" sign adorable? Ok, that's beside the actual point. Yes, I have a point. The point is that today was rather warm (it went above 15 degrees apparently!) so I went to Starbucks in between baito to refuel. I got this Sakura Chocolate Strawberry Frappuccino and it was really really good! If you're in Japan, head over there! I wanted to have it with a chocolate and marshmallow cookie, but it seems like they didn't have it. 

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