Monday, 31 March 2014

Sakura 2014: Hakozaki Campus

It's Sakura season! My favourite time of the year: the temperature is good and Japan turns into a magical land of flowering trees. Yesterday, Yuka and I went Sakura viewing, and one of the places we went to was the Hakozaki Campus.

Yup, we went to school on a Saturday. To take photos of flowers. Two economics students. Somehow that's an odd picture to me, since I normally associate school with studying. To be honest, we'd only heard rumors that there were Sakura flowers there, but since we had the one-day subway pass, we decided to take a chance. 

Luckily, our information source was right.

We did not walk all this way for nothing!
 The school isn't exactly flowering with Sakura trees, but there are a few streets lined with them.

Plus short trees so short people like me can take close up shots. 
 While the Hakozaki campus is old and run-down (the sakura trees were in the more-run down section), it does mean that these trees have had plenty of time to grow.

So in certain places, sakura petals carpeted the floor. 

Outside a random building
And woe be to the cars that were parked underneath.

Although they looked very pretty from a distance, you can tell that the sakura petals are going to be a problem. 

The poor windshield. 
Still, I'd like to imagine that when the driver uses his windshield wipers, the sakura petals fly up like confetti. 

I'm not sure if the Ito campus has sakura trees, but since it's going to be the main campus from now on, I really hope that they do. 

P.s. We also visited another spot, but before I blog about it, I have a related project that I want to finish. This project is also driving me insane. Hint: I'm using a piece of software called Hugin. 

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