Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sakura 2014: Fukuoka Castle (Daytime)

Fukuoka Castle is so pretty that I need to break it up into two posts: daytime and nighttime. On Sunday, Yuka and I went to Fukuoka castle (a first for the both of us) to take Sakura photos.

It's a really pretty place. The castle is basically a ruin, but there are still walls and certain sections standing. So wandering in there was an experience.

The front of the castle
Apparently, this next picture of a well is what you use to wash your hands, like when you enter a shrine. 

I actually like it because there are sakura petals floating on it.

And since it was the Sakura festival (桜まつり)they had stalls set up, leading to a carnival-like atmosphere

I really like the fact that they set up the stalls underneath the sakura trees.

Oh yes, and the big project I mentioned. If you follow me on Google+, then you'd know that I gave the game away when I asked for help with my photosphere. After trial-and-error (this was before Hugin replied and confirmed my worst fears), I realised that I had too many images (40 images, to be exact), resulting in very blurry pictures. I've already tried to cut them down, but the middle section still has the most overlap, which means that it's the blurriest. But here you go, this is my best effort:

Aaaand the photo sphere itself (click on the photo in the post to dive in):

Next up, Fukuoka Castle at night!

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