Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sakura 2014: Muromi

Here's my last sakura post for this year! And just in time for the new school year too! My last spot would be Muromi, aka, the place where I stay.

I decided to walk around my neighbourhood one day, and I was really surprised to see how many sakura trees there were.

Look, you can even see Fukuoka Tower from here! 
Since the sakura flower only once a year, there were trees that surprised me. For example, I didn't know the two trees outside the convenience store near my house were sakura trees.

And I was definitely not the only one taking pictures of the sakura.

In fact, about five to ten minutes from my place, there's a place called Atago jinja (Atago Shrine). From a distance, all I saw was a line of pink, but when I got closer, I realised this was a sakura tunnel.

The entrance :D 
 I actually struck up a conversation with an old man carrying a camera. I'm definitely not the only one that went there to take photos of the sakura.

Although we both grumbled about the cable lines getting in the way.

But it's still a really great view! I wanted to take a 360 panorama, but there were the same problems I had with the previous one (all those ghosting) that I got a headache and gave up after a while.

a lot of blurry parts ><
So that wraps up my sakura posts for this year! The next few posts will be probably be school related, since I'm starting the new school year tomorrow!

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