Friday, 16 May 2014

Golden Week 2014 #1: Owl Cafe and Nokonoshima

This year, I didn't do much for Golden Week. I had a friend come over, but other than that, I stayed at home and did baito (part time work).

When my friend did come though, we went to the owl cafe! I really love that cafe, the owls are so adorable.

The owl and I
The owls are so pretty <3 I'll be visiting again soon, so keep an eye out for a full review of the owl cafe!

The owl is not impressed. 
Other than the owl cafe, we also went to Nokonoshima and Dontaku. N

Nokonoshima looked very much like how it was last year. But this year, I managed to take panoramas!

I love this field of flowers! 
I wish I had time to go see how it looked like during the sakura season, but Spring is more than sakura.

I love these purple flowers.
Now I want to go back to the lavender field of Hokkaido. 
 It seems like everytime I go back to Nokonoshima, I see something new. Like this scarecrow

I just realised that his facial features are hiragana characters! UPDATE: Nic tells me this is called henohenomoheji. The link leads to the wikipedia entry. Thanks Nic~

And that they had flying carp in honour of boys day.

It was actually pretty crowded there, with plenty of families. In fact, the ferry and buses were making more trips than scheduled just to keep up with the demand! I have loads more photos that I'll be posting to 500px/Google+ later.

The next (and last) Golden Week post will be about Dontaku. And of course, there is the Singapore trip post, and my cousin is coming tomorrow!

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