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Monday, 26 May 2014

Introducing QREC

Most MEXT scholars aim for Todai and Handai. For certain disciplines, like my own Economics/Business Administration, there's also Hitotsubashi University. However, in my quest to get more of my kouhai's to come over to Kyudai, I'll be introducing certain aspects of Kyudai that are awesome.

For Economics/Business Administration students, or really, anyone with an interest in Entrepreneurship, we have QREC! Like the QREC website says:

The Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University (QREC) was established against the backdrop of Kyushu University’s growing need to work systematically on entrepreneurship education that encourages students to challenge themselves to create new values, as well as MOT (Management of Technology) education, which shows students how they can transfer their research results and technologies to society.
So imagine, you're a Science major, but you want to start your own business. Universities in Japan don't allow you to do a double major, so what do you do? Or perhaps you're in the same major as me, but you want to focus a bit more on entrepreunership. You should definitely come down here. QREC courses are for all students, so everyone is welcome to take them.

There are also interesting events like Creation and Challenge, as well as Entrepreneurship seminars. I should add that this is apart from the YSBC (Yunus Social Business Club) events, so they are but a small sampling of the things there are.

Image was taken from this page, more information can also be found here
One unique thing about the teachers at QREC is that they all have working experience. They were businessmen, entrepreneurs, and so on. Basically, you'll be learning from people who have had first hand experience in doing business, so it's not all theory.

There aren't there many English courses, but they all sound really interesting. I've taken one course last term called Technology Marketing II (In English) (Review of the course to come). It was a really fun course, and the Ms Makino was an excellent teacher. She went out of her way to give me advice too!

In short, if you have an entrepreneurial bent, you should definitely consider Kyudai for the QREC courses. We're also starting an Entrepreneur's club, so by the time you get here, there will be lots of opportunities for you to involve yourself with business and entrepreneurship while still in your university days.

QREC Home page (English, Japanese)

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