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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Singapore Weekend Visit

Gosh golly gosh, the title makes me sound rich. "Weekend visit" sounds like I flew back on a whim when I actually went back because of health reasons.

Singapore <3 
Tip: If you normally can't afford SIA because it's too expensive, you may find it cheaper to buy the ticket last minute. It was about half of what I paid last year.

The flight was also surprisingly empty. I guess it is off-peak season 
My dad told me to keep this trip a secret, so no one except my parents and my brother knew that I was coming home. 

Unrelated note: I love Changi Airport! 
I went home because I couldn't hold down my food. So of course, on the first day, we had a feast. I'll be nice and only post the photo of the absolutely delicious crabs that I couldn't eat (and keep in my stomach)

Sadly, crabs are out of my budget here. And the Chinese food in Japan isn't very good. 
Very coincidentally, it was also Mother's Day the weekend I came back! My grandma was so happy when she found out I was back. Well, I supposed it was a bag of mixed emotions, since she was also worried because I was so sick I had to come back.

I have this suspicion that Japanese doctors operate differently from Singaporean ones. Every now and then, they give me the wrong advice/medicine. I saw a doctor three times in Japan (twice at the same clinic), and at this one clinic, it was suggested that I had anorexia (this happened twice).

But, when I asked the doctors in Singapore, they said that it was common for doctors to assume young girls who keep throwing up have anorexia. It's sad that that's the case, are eating disorders that prevalent? I guess my doctors in Singapore just know more about me, and can discount bulemnia/anorexia immediately and go on to other reasons.

Of course, shout out to my awesome friends who came to visit me! There are my awesome (ex)-classmates Desmond, +Daryl Yong and +Benjamin Liau for not only coming, but also getting me this adorable kitten.

I cannot stop hugging this! 
And of course, +Michaelpone Sufian+Dinh Viet Anh Nguyen and +Happy Putra, who ALWAYS take time out to come and have dinner with me. Woah, I'm really loving and using this tagging people in post thing.

My little bro took this photo for us ^^
I actually double-booked, but they were really good sports about it and both groups came at the same time. Really, thanks so much guys <3

And of course, I absolutely adored spending time with my family, especially my little brother. He's had a difficult couple of months, and I missed him so much! Soon he'll be all grown up and won't want his older sister to be hugging him all the time (': So I'm hugging him a lot now.

Here's a random photo I took.
The only bad experience I had was at 69 Cold Soya Beancurd at Gim Moh Market. I'm still a bit out of it, due to heat and medication (although I'm definitely back to previous levels of energy - I'm just really really slow now. Think of Olaf from Frozen), so I kinda let myself be cheated of $2. I bought 2 beancurds, which for some reason I can't find here, and was only give $4 change when it should have been $6. I guess living in Japan got me used to high levels of honesty and service. And since the lady didn't want to admit she was wrong, we decided to live and let live.

I could go on and on about all the good parts of the trip. And spam food pictures. But I think I won't. That would be way too many photos for even my most dedicated readers. So, I'll just end with a photo that should invoke nostalgia in any Singaporean my age or older.

Paddle-pop Chocolate Crunch
And for Raychel

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