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Monday, 5 May 2014

Tosu Premium Outlets

How's everyone (in Japan's) Golden Week going? I've actually finished all the things that I plan to blog about, but due to the backlog of posts, I'm only at the Tosu Premium Outlet post.

So what is Tosu premium outlet? Well, it's just like its name says. The only thing is that there are way more shops than Marinoa City and it reminds me of the outlet mall I went to in Florida.

Now, prepare yourself for a long long post.

Now, since Tosu Premium Outlets (I'm just going to call it Tosu from now on) is really far away, Yiyin and I decided to go by bus on our day off.

First time at Tenjin Bus Center! 
The direct bus to Tosu only runs on weekends and public holidays. We went on a Tuesday, so yes, that day was a public holiday!

It's actually advisable to buy the bus tickets. A two-way ticket costs 1000yen, compared to 750yen for a one-way ticket if you use your suica/hayakaken/etc card.
 Thankfully, Yiyin went there earlier than me to go get the tickets :D

It comes with a coupon for a coupon booklet.
 After a non-eventful 45 minute-ish bus ride, we arrived! The bus stop is on a hill, which explains why my photo is so tilted!

And of course, there's a Coach. I think there's a Coach at every outlet mall. There was one in America, there is one at Marinoa and there's one at Tosu.

I don't know why, but it really really reminds me of America. Americans, is this right? Or am is it just like that particular outlet mall I visited in the past?

Pretty fountain! 
 And remember the coupon a few photos back? Well, we exchanged it for a coupon booklet and some kind of pouch. The coupon booklet is actually really worth it - we managed to get 2 sandwiches and 2 small drinks at subway for 1000yen. That is way cheaper than normal.

You might think that all the stores are expensive Burberry like stores

 But that's not true. There was also a Claires. And there's Nike, which is probably somewhere in between. There are actually 150 stores (at least) at Tosu, so there is a wide variety of shops, with a wide variety of prices.
And a park for the kiddies. 
In fact, it was at the Lacoste store where I might the most adorable kids. Side note: Yiyin managed to get a Lacoste blazer at 5000 yen there (original price 28 000 yen - isn't it a steal?)

That day, I was wearing a mask and glasses, since I still hadn't recovered from this year's illness (I fall very ill once a year). But for some reason, these two kids, one 3 year old girl and her 7 year old brother) struck up a conversation with me.

And in the course of the conversation, the little girl gave me one of her sweets! She'd previously asked me to help her fold the lid down, so I didn't think she wanted to give it away and I was really touched that she did! When we left the store, the two of them also yelled goodbyes to me.

They were really adorable :3

And this is the sweet I got. 
After a long day, we arrived back in Tenjin where I spotted a pastry shop and couldn't resist buying something back home.

It's so pretty! I'm going to eat there someday, when I'm not so tired and sick.
 I bought.... this strawberry tart! It was really good :D

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