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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Huis Ten Bosch - Rose Festival (and other stuff)

Up until yesterday, Huis Ten Bosch had a rose festival (oops, I'm not exactly on time am I?). Since I have a one-year pass (and since my cousin was in town), we went there for a day.

Unfortunately, on the day we went, it was raining (and fairly windy). It rained the whole day )O.O(

Does this mean I get to say that I braved wind and rain for this blog?

I'm still editing the photos (really slow right now) so here are the photos straight from my camera.

Huis Ten Bosh Rose Garden: Panorama
Ok, this one's from Google+ (thank's auto-awesome!). Speaking of auto-awesome, looking at the pictures reminded me that I haven't talked about nokonoshima yet. Yes, I still have pictures of that place to share with you guys. This time it's a little different though, it's more like a photoshoot than scenary (I do try to vary the types of photos I take. Sometimes. Very occasionally).

But back to the topic.

One "good" thing about going in the rain was that we managed to see most of the flowers before they dropped. One friend who went the day after said that most of the roses had fallen, so it didn't look as pretty.

The flowers are already falling D: 
 This would be the walkway down the main exhibit. And if you walk further, you'll see a side path. Turn left down that side path and you have:

More roses! 
A shop selling roses! There were actually a bunch of shops forming a circle (imagine this somewhere near the bottom of a circle with a gap and you'll have the layout of the place). The shops looked really cute, and sold all sorts of things: household goods, clothes, etc. 

In the centre was a tent that was having a talk by a famous gardener. According to the schedule, they have talks on how to grow roses and things related to roses every day of the festival. 

I also saw this adorable little tree! I'm not sure what the heart was for, but from the looks of it, this tree would be the centerpiece at night when it lights up ^^

And of course, a close-up of a rose. I couldn't have a post about a rose festival and not give you guys a closeup right?

*Other new things at Huis Ten Bosch*

They have this cute little village! By the way, on the flower pots are little details such as this fairy:

I keep thinking of Peter Pan for some reason.
Most of the houses are really shops (sometimes the shops are split into two houses because they are that tiny).

My pretty cousin just strolling through the village.

So now you know how small the houses are! 
 Of course, with houses this cute, I did wonder what it'd be like to live in it. Perhaps it'll be like living in an Enid Blyton story~

They also have a takarazuka troupe (an all female singing and dancing group). Apparently, it's special because they accept members older than normal troupes.

My cousin got really excited about this and insisted we watch it. Turns out, it's way better than I expected and I really enjoyed it!

One of the new attractions that they have is this dinosaur game! Basically, you use a tablet to go through an obstacle course.

Fear me! I am insecure because of my tiny arms! 
Apparently, only 1% of the participants succeed. Of course, that means I really really want to try it out. It's on till September, so hopefully I can find some time to go there!

I even took a video:


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