Thursday, 19 June 2014

MacDonald's Japan World Cup Menu (Part 1?)

It's officially World Cup season! While I don't really keep up with football or sports, World Cup is one of the few sporting events that I actually watch (the other event is World Cup). Thankfully, NHK streams the matches live, so I can watch them from the comfort of my home.

Assuming, that is, I manage to wake up.

Why are the matches always held in such inconvenient timezones?

But anyway, in honour of the World Cup, MacDonald's Japan came up with a pretty cool menu. I first knew about it when my cousin messaged me to tell me how jealous she was that I could actually try the things on the menu.

MacDonald's Japan 1 - MacDonald's Singapore 0

However, I realised that MacDonald's Singapore actually screens the World Cup matches. If the MacDonald's here did that, I would definitely spend a lot of time there during World Cup season.

MacDonald's Japan 1 - MacDonald's Singapore 1

So it's currently a tie. But, this is irrelevant to how the menu tastes anyway. For a full menu (in Japanese), you can click on this link. I've tried quite a few things on their World Cup Menu, and I'm impressed enough to want to try more.

(By the way, there is also a coupon campaign, but I'm too lazy to participate. Oops.)

The first meal - I'm lovin it* (*it = french fry package cover haha)
 The first meal, which I actually had a while back, would be the German Burger Pork Schnitzel and Italian Risotto Ball.

The German Burger Pork Schnitzel. This was actually better than I expected. The mushroom sauce was really good, and even made the onions taste good (and I don't like vegetables). I would say that the sauce is what makes this stands out.

The risotto balls.
 The risotto balls were awesome! They're definitely my favourite thing on the menu so far! They have two flavours:

Squid Ink - which was just black.

I may have had more than one nibble before I remembered to take a photo. 

And tomato - definitely a hint of tomato in here

Slightly more self-control here. 
I love both because come on, their friend balls of rice stuffed with cheese. You cannot get any better than that. CHEESE.

And from my meal today:

Creme brulee McFlurry
 The Creme Brulee McFlurry was quite good, although I've forgotten what creme brulee is supposed to taste like, so I'm not the best judge. I really like the caramel taste though! And the caramel bits in the ice-cream were a nice touch!

Chicken Cordon Bleu burger
 I must say, I was most excited for the Chicken Cordon Bleu burger because I love that dish! However, the burger wasn't a chicken patty stuffed with ham and cheese, but rather, a chicken burger with ham and cheese.

See? Nothing in there. NOTHING. 
It's a good thing the cheese sauce was good, because that saved this burger.

I'm curious, what are the Macdonald stores in your country doing for the World Cup? Anything special? Do share with me!

And now, I'm going to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow's morning's match. The two teams I support (England and Japan) both lost with the same score in their first matches, so I'm hoping they redeem themselves in their next matches. Again, they're playing on the same day and again, I can only watch England's match and the first 10 minute's of Japan's match.

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