Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Movie Review: Dimensional Sniper (Detective Conan Movie #18)

Because my life has been settling down lately, I don't have anything interesting to share (I haven't gone anywhere interesting). I'll be writing about my clubs soon, like Magdalena suggested (I'm still deciding on which club to write about, since I barely go to any of them. Whoops). So since I went to watch the 18th Detective Conan movie today, I figure I should write about it.

Found the poster at Detective Conan World, actual poster by the company.
Oh, and to let you know, watching this movie was surprisingly troublesome. The theatre only shows it once a day, at 8.55am. My friend and I actually planned to watch it together, but last week I woke up late and this week she woke up late. So I ended up watching the movie alone. Me and about four other people in the theatre.

I guess no one else could wake up either.

Woohoo, finally! 
The movie itself was fantastic! At first, I thought the movie would make some progress on the Black Organisation, but it turned out to have no relation to that. The only new information was about the identity of Subaru Okiya, and it more or less confirmed one of the fan theories I support!

Ahem, ok, a proper synopsis. Basically, Tokyo is being terrorised by a sniper. The public thinks he's killing people indiscriminately, but the Police and the FBI know better. They suspect an ex-SEAL named Timothy Hunter, but as the case goes on, who the real culprit is gets more and more obscured. Of course, Conan is on the case, this time aided by Sera, a relatively new character with a few secrets of her own.

In this movie, Conan basically becomes a superhero. He does all these death-defying tricks, and somehow still doesn't die. It's slightly more realistic than say, Prince of Tennis, but then again, Prince of Tennis basically laughed at the laws of physics, so this isn't saying much. I think that the normal anime series treats Conan's physical capabilities better, because he is, essentially a teenager in a child's body and thus has all the physical limitations of a child.

Another random observation is that there was a lot more English used in this movie than normal. But then again, one of the top suspects is an American (ex-SEAL) and so are quite a few of the victims. I was really pleased to see that the English-speaking parts seemed to be voiced by actual native speakers, unlike Jodie-Sensei and Vermouth, who speak in Japanese-accented English.

If you get the chance, you should definitely watch this movie. Actually, if you don't even know about this series, then it's time you start. There's a lot to catch up on, so if you're the sort looking for something to consume your days, you can start with the manga (I actually reviewed it, so click on the link if you're interested :D), anime and multiple movies and OVA's out there.

Movie Trailer:

P.s. I just realised that Kou Shibasaki, who starred in Detective Galileo, one of my favourite J-dramas, sang the theme song of this movie! Guess what song I'll have on repeat for the next few days?

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