Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ajisai Photos・あじさいの写真


Apparently, Ajisai aka Hydrangea season is just over. I'm not too sure, but by the time I noticed that "hey, there are's a Ajisai festival", the places that I wanted to go were closed (they ended on June 30th, which just goes to show how slow I am haha).

But, I did take some photos of Ajisai one day on the way home from the supermarket. One great thing about Japan is that I can find flowers everywhere! I previously talked about the Sakura in the area around my house, and Ajisai are no exception. So today, I wanted to share the photos I've taken.

I used this as a Google Birthday present ;D 
And then, all the purple ones! For some reason, I liked their photos better:

Portrait style~

I find that I really like this filter for this photo (below). What do you think?

And back to landscape mode:

And, I hate to be all in-your-face with links, but if you like my photographs, you should totally check out my 500px page (which has a lot more photos) or follow me on Google+ because I probably post photos there more often. And for my Google+ page, there's also more Google+ only stuff about Japan there too (mostly stuff that I see while out and about) :D My 500px account is updated slightly less frequently because the number of photos I can upload is really limited (the Ajisai photos will go up there soon).

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