Thursday, 10 July 2014

Japan McDonald's World Cup Menu (Part 2)

Ok, before we start talking about food, let me take a few sentences to express my amazement at the Germany vs Brazil match. It was... unbelievable. And a bit sad for Brazil, since they were hoping for a win, but since I support Germany, I'm really happy with the outcome.

The German Goalkeeper was amazing! The ball basically flies to his hands every time someone tries to score a goal. He's officially my favourite player right now.

Now, if you haven't been able to read the menu because it was in Japanese, say thank you to +Jim Gorycki for finding a copy of the menu in English. So here's what I tried this time round:

Holland Passion Orange McFizz:

Love the ombre colours! 
This was... a fairly normal drink actually. Is passion orange supposed to taste different? I liked it, but it didn't really stand out.

Belgium McFlurry Waffle McChocolate
Looks gross, but you know, that's all chocolate. 
 This was really chocolately. Much more than usual I think. And my taste buds can't really tell the difference between Belgium chocolate and regular chocolate. Liked this anyway (It's chocolate, I'm not allowed to dislike it).

Japan Beef Menchi Burger:

Um, I'm gonna have to say right now that the "taste tests" of the burgers are probably really really inaccurate. I can't eat raw vegetables (somehow, they taste really bitter to me and make me gag), so I ordered all the burgers without vegetables.

Loving the bun! 
And the cute box:
Well yes, considering that I had it customised, it was made for me. 
 The Beef Mench burger was awesome! It looks unassuming, but it was really good! It's probably because I normally like Beef Menchi (it's basically beef mincemeat that's fried), but the sauce, the patty and the bun worked really well together.

Actually, I think both burgers were really good. The other burger I tried was the Brazilian BBQ Beefburger:

And yes, it is made for me as well. I shall make that a euphemism for "no vegetables were harmed in the making of this dish."
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of the burger. After all, I already left out a lot.

The cheese gave it some promise though.
Then I bit into it and was like "...O.O". I love cheddar cheese, and it goes really well with this burger. And the grill sauce was fantastic! So the highlights of this post are definitely the burgers.

Although overall, my favourite food would be the Italian Risotto Balls from the first post.

I also wanted to try the nugget sauces, but they were sold out everywhere. I think I walked in and out of a bout 5 shops looking for them ):

Lastly, to end with some non-food related humour. A while back, Singapore's National Council on Problem Gambling published this ad:


Anyway, it went viral. Even a few ministers commented on it, and someone mentioned that he wants to find the copywriter for this ad. I'd like to find the guy too - he might be the next Paul the Octopus!

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