Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Kyushu University Golf Club

This post is for +Magdalena Dyguś, who requested I write about the clubs I'm in.

Hey everyone! Today, I'll be writing about the golf club in Kyushu University. Technically, I'm in three different clubs, but Golf is the one I've been in the longest (also, it doesn't really count if you just join the club's line and not go to any meetings. Bwahahaha).

Ok, so you may have noticed from a post last year about the Fukuoka Zoo that I was in the golf club. Basically, the kendo club looked too intense (they practice every day O.O) while the golf club sounded fun, and since I have played golf before, I decided to join.

By the way, I really recommend golf. I could talk about how it builds character and all that (it's true, when you're on the course alone, you're your own judge and jury, so the onus is on you to be truthful), but I basically like it because when I was little, my dad used to bring me to the driving range and I thought it was fun. Plus, golf is very relaxing - if you're tense, just go to the driving range and after one basket of balls you'll feel much better.

Golf officially has practice twice a week (Monday and Friday), but you can choose when you want to come. And uh, because of that, I haven't actually met the golf people this year ._.

You see, last year, I was at the Ito campus a lot, so I practiced at the Orange Golf Driving Range all the time. And since it's really far from school, I had to wait for someone to send me -> so basically, I went only on practice days (or when someone was willing to drive me).

This year, I've moved to the Hakozaki campus, bought a bicycle, and moved my clubs over to the driving range near Hakozaki. So, I've been practicing on non-practice days at Grand Golf Driving Range, which is in the middle of the industrial area at Hakozaki.

Can you see the factories in the distance? 
It's about 20 minutes away by bicycle, so I actually exercise a lot more now. That's one point in favour of practicing here :D

Oh, and even though this is right smack in the middle of an industrial area, it's also next to a BookOff, a JumbleStore, Matsuya and I pass by 3 conbinis on the way there. So basically, even the industrial area has more things than Ito campus.

View from the bicycle parking space
The people here are really friendly too (and I'm not just talking about the staff). So far, two people have come up to talk to me, and one of them gave me advice on how to improve my swing.

The only downside of this place is that the number of balls you get changes according to the time and day you go there. Makes sense if they're trying to clear the place during peak hours, but still, it feels weird.

Apart from practice, the golf club also has baito (part-time work) opportunities (normally short term baito during golf tournaments) and of course, they organise gasshuku (camps) and the like.

And that's all I have to say about golf :D You can visit the club webpage here (and yes, I'm on the member's page - still officially a member yay!)

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