Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nihonjijyou Outing 2014: Escape Game and Moomin Cafe (脱出ゲームとムーミンカフェ)

Anyone remember my nihonjijyou class? I talked about it before, even blogged about last year's outing to Shiroito no Taki. This is the last year I can take the class, and for our final report outing, we decided to play an escape room game and then have dinner at the Moomin cafe at Canal City!

It was really hard to get a date where everyone was free, so we ended up going yesterday. We have to thank our Takamatsu sensei for letting us use class time to go out :D

Oh, and although I brought out my DSLR, I forgot my SD card so... All photos were taken by my iPad.

First up, the Escape Game at Canal City. It's located on the top floor, next to the entrance to the Ramen Stadium.

It costs 500 yen (at least, for the Spy themed one I went for) and the time limit is 10 minutes.

The theme was to stop Lady Butterfly from destroying the world. But before we played the game, we had to wait a little while. One of the things we did was to try and solve this puzzle.

Actually, only Kimchi managed to solve it. The rest of us had to get hints from him to solve it OTL.

If you want the answer, let me know and I'll message you or something :D 

And of course, we had to take a selfie. 

The game itself was incredibly fast-paced and fun. We were each given clipboards, and we had to find three tokens that matched the picture on the clipboard:

Can you see that blue animal thing? And the black thing below is for the tokens. 

Then, we received a card we had to fill out.

I actually took the longest to find my tokens, so I accomplished the least. Oh well, it was fun (And of course, I was busy taking photos :p)

After that, we went to the Moomin cafe on the ground floor, next to Baskin Robins. 

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I adore the Moomin cafe! It actually made international headlines lately because of the stuff toys they placed beside single diners. But actually, they place stuff toys beside all the diners, not just those dining alone. 

We had two "guests" - a Kangeroo like character, and I think Moomin's dad? 

Guys group photo(;

New best friend?

Apart from the characters, Moomin cafe has really good food and an excellent パン食べ放題 (all you can eat bread). The bread has many different flavours and the cream cheese spread is so good! I think I at six helpings yesterday, in addition to my Finnish Platter (which was also really good!)

We also received some sweets (for all seven of us!) just for taking a photo wearing the Moomin hats. 

And, the obligatory selfie with the sweets!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the photo spam of food:

First up, the Moomin Omelet Rice. Isn't the pattern cute? 

And then, the grilled chicken. I had one bite, and it was awesome. Really tender and juicy.

My dinner, the Finnish plate - all of the food awesome. I wonder how authentic it is though.

And of course, dessert.

The Moomin character wants some too. 
This is one of the cutest cheesecakes I've ever seen!

I had two bites, tasted pretty good too! 
 And a parfait:

I had a really awesome time! It was a really good chance to get to know my group mates better, and I found out that they're even more awesome than they appear! I'm really glad that I was placed in this group with them <3

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