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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Yukata Time!

So last Sunday, I was invited to wear Yukata and eat Kakikoori (Japanese shaved ice) by the Kimono shop. Since I don't have a chance to wear my Yukatas very often (and I'm pretty terrible at putting them on myself), I jumped at the chance.

"Dark" photo
This time, I chose to wear the Yukata that I got from someone at Church! I haven't worn it before, and the obi is new as well, so I was really curious as to whether it'd suit me. After all, I do tend to choose bright colours like white and pink, so dark blue is a fairly unusual choice for me.

After I got my hair and face done, and the Yukata put on, it was time for photographs! This time, I had the presence of mind to bring my camera along and as the photographer to take a few pictures of me.

"Light" photo
Unfortunately, the pictures were either too dark or too light (the background was too bright). I've tried to do what I could with them though :D

Oh, and of course, I uploaded some to Google+, and they got auto-awesomed into a mosaic!

After the photo-taking session, it was time to eat! There weren't many people there (there were about 4 people at any given time), but there was quite a lot of food. 

 Apart from the platter, there was also onigiri, and of course, the Kaki-koori machine!

I got to try my hand at making them, and even though I was pretty full from the platter + onigiri + soumen, I still found room. Goes to show that I have a separate stomach for deserts.

And how much did all the food, make-up, 着付け (kitsuke - helping me put on the kimono) cost? 500 yen! I consider that to be very worth it, since make-up and kitsuke alone normally costs at least a few thousand yen.

It was a really fun few hours, and I'm so happy I got to try on this Yukata!

Now, it's time to study. I have exams in a little over a week (actually my Bahasa Indonesia exam is this Thursday), so blog posts will be little to none for the next two weeks. I'm actually really worried about them, because of subjects like macro-economics and accounting (this time the accounting is on the theory of accounting. I'm doomed. I can do calculations, but not theory. Certainly not in Japanese). Wish me presence of mind during the exams, and if you pray, please include a prayer for me! (And if you need prayer, let me know and I'll be happy to pray for you too)

After exams, I'll be going back to Singapore, but don't worry, I'm planning on something Japan-related to blog about! Stay tuned for more information!

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