Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ACS (Independent) Study in Japan booth!

I spent today at my old JC (Junior College = high school) to talk about studying in Japan! The idea was proposed by Austin, and since I had the email of one of the guidance counsellors, we managed to get it all set up!

*Dances about* I really want more juniors here in Japan!

Also, the school gave us water and a bookmark (with the school logo on it, of course). First time we've ever received these kind of things!
It definitely feels different going back to school with a purpose other than visiting teachers. Speaking of which, I didn't get to meet a lot of teachers, so I will have to go back again soon~

Our booth
We set up a booth in the SAC with a never-ending slideshow, some sweets, brochures and Austin's name card.

Us being hardworking
Amazingly, quite a few students came over to talk. Of course, I have to thank my awesome cousin, for bringing a few of her friends over. One of them was really interesting, he introduced himself as a "weaboo". Really funny guy ^^

But there was also another guy that came really well-prepared, he knew about the monbukagakusho scholarship and everything! The only thing is that he applied in the wrong country >< I hope he still gets to go to Japan though!

Most of the time though, we just answered questions about life in Japan, and what we feel are the advantages of studying there. These juniors might not have considered studying in Japan, but I hope we opened their minds to the possibility!

Plus, I saw two of my juniors (though I didn't recognise one), and met a few of my ex-cohort mates. Most of them couldn't recognise me immediately though, it normally took a few minutes. I wonder if bangs really make such a big difference?

For lunch, we shared (like I shared on Google+) PRATA APOCALYPSE! I was actually planning on introducing Austin to the C4, but then I saw the Apocalypse and had to try it. The uncle was really friendly too, and I found out that the prata store has a Facebook page too! Times have really changed...

Prata Apocalypse
Today was really fun! We gave out quite a lot of the namecards and brochures, so hopefully, some students will contact us, and one day come to Japan to study! I'll be going to RI on Friday for the same thing, hope it goes well too!

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