Sunday, 17 August 2014

Moomin Cafe Review

A while back, one piece of news that went viral was about this cafe in Japan that placed stuff toys next to single diners. Well, I'm pretty sure that the cafe in question is the Moomin Cafe, and that you don't have to eat alone to get the stuff toy (as seen by my nihonjijyou outing)

The Moomin Cafe in Fukuoka is located on the ground floor of Canal City. I used to walk past the cafe, always thinking that it looked expensive, but after I went in once, I keep looking for excuses to go in again!


While the cafe may be famous for the various characters that "eat" with you, my favourite part has to be the all-you-can-eat bread buffet (yes, I love carbs) with cream-cheese and raisin spread.


Cream cheese. MORE MORE MORE!
If you go during lunch time, the bread will be on a table, and you can choose which type of bread you want and toast it. So far, I've seen tomato, cheese, plain, basil, croissant and a few others whose name I can't recall. And they replenish the bread pretty frequently too.

If you go during dinner time, the bread is given to you when you request it, and you cannot choose what you want to eat.

Oh, and the bread buffet comes with every order of a main dish, along with soup and a salad. So for between 1000 to 14000 yen, you can get a main dish, soup and salad, and as much bread as you can eat, which I think is a pretty reasonable price.

Chicken with tomato sauce and corn soup
The main dishes were surprisingly good too! Normally, theme restaurants only have so-so dishes, but the food here is excellent! All the meat dishes have been tender and done just right so far <3

Extremely cute omu-rice!
The desserts here are awesome too! I can't seem to find older photos, but this is the most recent dessert I shared with a friend when I went there (the desserts are roughly the same price as a main course, and quite substantial).

Raspberry and vanilla ice-cream toast
 They even gave us a pot of honey to pour on the toast if need be. And it was really good mixed with berries and ice-cream and honey.

While we were there, we also saw the staff bring out (I think) a birthday cake, while wearing hats. They also got the people in the restaurant to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl, organising everything through a microphone.

And Moomin says Happy Birthday too! 
If you're ever near a Moomin cafe, I'd definitely reccomend you to visit them. The bubble tea is pretty good (although I didn't post any photos here - but I originally just drank the bubble tea), the food is great, and I think the prices are pretty reasonable ^^

For those in Fukuoka, you can reach Canal City by stopping at Nakatsukawabata or Gion station. I normally use Nakatsukawabata, so I'm not sure how to go from Gion, but it's supposed to be quite close. There are also buses from Tenjin and Hakata. The cafe is on the ground floor (the floor with the 'river' in it), next to Baskin Robins and near the Studio Ghibli store.

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