Tuesday, 12 August 2014

National Day Parade 2014

I've made it back to Singapore safe and sound, and in time for the National Day Parade (NDP) on August 9th! The NDP is one of my favourite celebrations, and this is my first time in 3 years that I'm in Singapore to celebrate it. We didn't manage to get tickets to the parade on the floating platform, but we went to The Promontory@Marina Bay at about 1pm to scout out the place, and started sitting down around 3.30 pm (that's when all the early birds came and got the good spots).
The sun was really shining down on us.

And just to remind everyone, Singapore is a really beautiful country.

The famous Marina Bay Sands
This is one of the Fullerton hotels. I can't remember which one, but I think it's really pretty!

We picked out this spot where we could see the back of the stage (perfect firework viewing spot!) and the Young NTUC screen. Young NTUC actually rented most of the grassy area, so all the non-members (like us) had to content ourselves with the walkway. It really made things very cramped.

And then more people came
The view for the screen wasn't the best, but we had an awesome view of the Navy as it prepared to show-off what it can do:

Docked at the old customs house. 

In position. 
And we had a pretty good view for other stuff, like when the flag flew by:

 Although the Red Lions, which managed to perform despite the terrible clouds (unlike last year) were little more than dots. But we did do the "watch the dot fall, then turn to the screen to see the landing" move.

One of the most popular performances for the NDP 
And of course, we got prime spots for fireworks. I haven't had time to edit more than one photo, but Google+ very awesomely auto-awesomed quite a few of them (I wanted more panorama, but I got more GIFs, which is also good).

But before the fireworks, the one panorama!

Marina Bay just after dusk.
And the photo and GIFs:
I really like this photo. Love the colour of the fireworks!
Let me know which you like best(:

The fireworks here look a little random, to be honest
This is my personal favourite, for the colour and the fireworks at the bottom

I also have a video (taken by my dad), but Youtube is uploading the video really slowly. I'll upload it here once it's done  It's here! It took the whole night and most of the morning, but it's finally uploaded. Enjoy :D

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