Monday, 1 September 2014

Random Update Post is Random

Alright, let's see if I can get back to a semi-regular posting schedule after disappearing for more-or-less the whole of last week.


Ever since I've come back, I've been busy with golf lessons, picking my brother up from school, and of course, checking out books from the library (about 10 at the time). And party preparations. So, I haven't been checking my phone, Google+ or my computer very much lately.

I'm really sorry if anyone comments/emails me, and I don't answer for a day or two. I'll try to get to my computer every night, but sometimes, I find myself doing other things.

And since I'm being random, I might as well share pics from my first ever Haagen Daaz Chocolate Fondue. (We were celebrating my cousin's birthday, and this was dessert :D)

Random Fact 1: In IB, I learnt that Haagen Daaz is a made-up word, for the sake of making the company sound foreign (and therefore posh?)

Random Fact 2: I played Zerg Rush while waiting for the photos to load.

Non ice-cream side

Ice-cream side

I honestly did not know that the chocolate would harden until
someone pointed it out to me. My brain is really on vacation.
I shall make a proper post tomorrow (if I have time - I'm volunteering at my old school) about the Dinosaur Escape Game at Huis Ten Bosch. It was really really fun! (And you can see photos of me and my new friend, the robot ice cream guy).

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