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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Back to School Update!

School has finally started, and my life is settling down into a school-baito-sleep routine. Oh and golf. I've got the air in my bicycle tires refilled, so life is at the peaceful phase before I start loading it up with activities.

Since this is the second semester of my second year, I'm now at the Hakozaki Campus (instead of Ito)!

Remember this campus? 
It's so much more convenient and cheaper for me to go to Hakozaki. Although, I pass by the shopping areas on my way there and back, so my expenses might still end up increasing :p

My classes this semester are pretty interesting too. Most of my teachers seem fun, and I'm taking Bahasa Indonesia II. I'm so excited for that class! No other languages though - I'm done with Chinese, and this sem contains the last English module I'll have to take.

I haven't planned any blogworthy trips yet (though my cousin is coming at the end of this month so....), so expect a quiet few weeks. I shall enjoy the calm before the frenzy.

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