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Friday, 3 October 2014

My Studio Ghibli Themed 21st Birthday Party! (Part 2)

When I got back to Japan, I started writing about my 21st birthday party. And due to my tendency to be verbose, the post eventually turned into two parts. This is part two, and you can read part one here (Part 1 is a guide on how I got the various Ghibli-themed elements to create a party).

Now, my main goal in having a party was to make sure people had fun. Which is why I made cards, and why I hosted a costume contest. To be honest, I was very worried about whether people would dress up, but enough people pulled through to make it very fun.

I basically spent my party running around taking photos, apologising for not talking much, and writing cards. I didn't actually eat, and ended up losing my voice (remember, I had a throat infection). So rather than give you a blow by blow account of what went on, here are some of the best cosplays.

Of course, when I say "some", I mean "most". Almost all of them were awesome!

First up are 3 of my cousins and their boyfriends/girlfriend. They all came in together, so they made the second biggest entrance.

Let's play a game. Which of you can guess who these next 6 characters are? (I'll even give you the movie titles, so you have no excuse to make a mistake)


Along with the WHISPER OF THE HEART peeps! Aren't they adorable? (I was so hoping someone would cosplay this - it's one of my favourite Ghibli movies)

*sings* Ponyo, ponyo, ponyo sakana no ko *finishes singing* PONYO!

Ponyo and the guy who likes Ponyo - My running gag on my future-cousin in law
(he insists on the actual name)
Making the biggest entrance was No-face! My dad actually ran in calling me to come out. No one would tell me what was going on until I saw for myself. It took me quite a while to guess who it is though.

And what's a No-face without a Chihiro? One of my cousins came (without consulting No-Face) as Chihiro/Sen! 

The clothes! <3 
Obviously, we had to act out a movie scene. (No-face was very prepared)
Can you guess what scene it is?
My princess Mononoke cousin was very into the whole thing. They were doing lots of poses throughout the whole party - so cool!
Ladies and gentlemen, meet my coolest/scariest cousin (if
any of the other cousins are there, um, you're all cool equally!)
Alright, the next photo features two of my closest friends doing stealth cosplay. If you can give me the correct character names, I will send you a card (Hi Micha! You totally get a card regardless of anything! I just need to buy envelopes)

Hint: think colour scheme and hats. 
For the costume contest, I had my classmates judge them (since they are the "Japan representatives"). So, here are the results.

In third place... No-face and Chihiro!

No-face was being sweet and let my bro wear his costume, hence the
sudden decrease in height. The original No-face is still in the photo though.
 And second place, Ponyo and Sosuke!

Personally, my dad was rooting for them. Because my cousin came in a wig.
And first... The Mononoke couple! I'm really happy for them, because they went all out for first place.

Here's me with the arrow from Princess Mononoke!

I like this photo!
 Incidentally, can anyone guess which character I came as? Cards for them too!

Group photo of all the people who came as characters. 
One last shoutout to my AC family, who took time from their busy busy schedules (I know there's at least one med student, one Yale-NUS student in this group photo) to come and celebrate with me. You know I love (philia love) you all right? <3
If there was ever a time for hashtags in a blogpost: #acpride
After the party, my friends and I sneaked off to have some ice-cream, and for me to finally eat something. It was fun just being able to chat with everyone, so here are more photos!

The real purpose was to meet Happy, who couldn't make it to the party. You're a true friend ^^

Ok, last picture. For real.
#notevenmyphone <- That isn't a valid hashtag right? I'm very out-of-touch
Photo credits go to my sisters, my cousins, and for the last three photos, the awesome Dinh!

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