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Monday, 20 October 2014

Nokonoshima Cosmos Flower Lightup

Nokonoshima, that beautiful island near my place, had a Cosmos light up recently! Well, the last day was yesterday (and it was only on weekends). One of my classmates, who had actually gone there, told me it was beautiful, so yesterday, I went there in the evening with a new friend from Church.

And woah. It was my first time going to Nokonoshima in the evening, and it is beautiful!

For proof, here are some pictures from the boat ride to the island:

Marinoa City

Everything looks good in the sunset!

As we arrived at the island.
I was really hoping to be able to get a shot of the flowers with the sunset in the background, but sadly, it seems like that wasn't really possible. This is one of the better shots:

And this, was the view that my new friend really liked! It's her first visit to Nokonoshima, so I'm glad that she enjoyed it! (And that there are actually flowers. For my mom and sisters, there weren't many flowers blooming when they came).

Oh, and the island park is already in the halloween spirit. We saw loads of Jack-O-Lanterns, and even a huge pumpkin:

Ok, it wasn't a real pumpkin. But still! 

Trust me, these things were EVERYWHERE. 
The actual light-up wasn't as impressive as the sunset. Sure, there were pretty flowers, but after seeing the Huis Ten Bosch Kingdom of Light (like this post and this other post) and the Fukuoka Castle Sakura Light Up, this was nothing.

Can't remember what these flowers are called, but they're so pretty! Reminds me of Lavender, but red.

Ok, buildings like this look cool in the dark. 
The bus ride to the dock was really nice too! For starters, our bus was wooden! And the driver was really nice, and he stopped (and turned off the lights) at the most scenic spots, so we could see the night view of Fukuoka city.


And of course, because we need a little unexpected problems in our lives, the queue for the boat was so long that we ended going home almost an hour later than planned (it didn't help that we got on the wrong bus too)
And then it continued and curved around. There must have been
close to 300 people in that queue!

But overall, it was a really fun trip! I'm so glad I managed to catch the light up before it ended.

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