Monday, 12 January 2015

Liz Lisa Fukubukuro 2015

Well.... I'm (finally) entering exam mode. Unfortunately, it also coincides with hibernation mode, which means not only do I have no will to do anything, what little will I have is reserved for studying and writing.

But, I will come and distract myself by blogging about fun stuff, one of which is Fukubukuro! Fukubukuro (福袋), also called Happy Bag (in Japan) or Lucky Bag (in Singapore) are once-a-year sale promotions where you get bunch of items at a very great markdown. The only catch is that you can't pick what goes in your fukubukuro.

So December is when I start to look at the different bags. I've learnt that Apple is generally worth it (minimum sum is valued at 50 000 yen, with limited edition T-Shirts), but at 36000 yen way too expensive for me. And for some reason, I read that Coach has really lousy fukubukuro. Not sure though, since I don't buy that either.

If you can remember last year, I missed out on the one I wanted, and ended up getting two other ones. Which were actually quite good, because I'm still wearing most of the stuff. They were the more typical fukubukuro, in terms of the bag that the clothes came in.

Just to refresh your memory
This year, I was very focused and only bought Liz Lisa fukubukuro, because the bags they came in were too cute!

Ok, but before I even get to the shopping, I really really want to complain ahem, talk about January 1st 2015. Very, very unusually for Fukuoka, it snowed. And it snowed heavily.

I look quite happy in the photo right? Well, I was happy, for the first 10 minutes. Then I was just freezing because I left without a scarf or gloves. So yes, very very cold. And the bus was really late as well.

Do you see this? The roof isn't supposed to be white! 
Although my family was here with me, they were thankfully not caught in the start of the snowstorm (I actually called and woke them up. Or at least, I woke my sister up), because I learnt from my mistakes last year and went to Marinoa early this year. 

And to think I came half an hour early!
I still wasn't early enough. These people come early and stake out the most favourable entrance and queue there. Then when the doors finally opened (thankfully the staff there were handing out handwarmers, I stood there for a long time!), they ran to the stores. Understandable, since some stores had like, 30 fukubukuro (I know one sold out in 15 minutes), but some people went to queue at Starbucks. They must have something awesome going on there. Too bad I don't really drink coffee. 

Anyway, I rushed over to the newly opened Liz Lisa store and bought the bag I wanted! (On a sidenote, my wardrobe is going to be very very much girlier this year. Probably.) 

Isn't it adorable? This is my new carry on luggage! 
And in a stroke of luck (or not), the items I got were exactly the items advertised. I'm glad because I don't have a brown coat and I actually wanted one. 

Image take from the Liz Lisa site

Apart from queueing up to freeze and buy stuff (I didn't spend any other money that day, I'm proud of that haha), I also ordered one bag online. It wasn't sold in that Liz Lisa outlet store, and I'm not rushing from Marinoa to Tenjin just for one more bag. Especially since I need to go rush to Kumamoto after that with my family too.

The good thing about ordering online is that you don't have to rush with everyone. And if you order early enough, you don't have to worry about running out of stock. But, not all stores sell this online, so if your favourite store isn't on Rakuten, you're out of luck. And, for Liz Lisa at least, you can't decide on what day your things come. Mine actually came this week at school, and I had to call the delivery guy and re-arrange a time.

But, for 5000 yen, the second bag was also really worth it!

I would probably pay that much for the handbag alone. 
There were only two items inside, a white cardigan and a really sweet dress. I'm totally wearing this back to Singapore!

Did anyone buy fukubukuro? If you bought Apple or you know of something that's really worth it, please do share with me :D

Ok, now back to studying. 

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