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Friday, 6 February 2015

ゼミ results (Part 2)

A while back, I talked about how I was torn between two tutorials. Well, today, I got the results for the first tutorial application (we have to application periods - the second one is if you failed the first one).

But first, which ゼミ did I choose in the end? 

As I said before, I really like both tutorials, but in the end, I applied for the Corporate Finance tutorial, and will try to get into the Economics of the Internet tutorial as my sub-tutorial. The reason was that after talking with my family, it seems like Corporate Finance will make me more employable than Economics of the Internet (it doesn't teach programming, it's really just analysing internet companies).

More about the Application Process

For all tutorials, you have to submit a form (printed correctly), either nicely typed out or handwritten. The form asks for your reasons for wanting to enter the tutorial, but different teachers have different requirements. The Corporate Finance teacher wanted us to add the things that we can contribute to the class (mine was basically "I CAN DO FOREIGN STUDENT OPINIONS AND BRING YOU TO SINGAPORE. PLEASE TAKE ME IN").

For the Economics of the Internet tutorial, there was an added 面談 (mendan - interview) which I did because I want to take it as my sub-tutorial. Now that some of my friends are considering whether to take a sub, this requirement is a bit of a turn-off.

In the interview, which took place during a lesson -gulp, I MISSED CLASS-, the teacher asked me about why I wanted to join the class (insert story about ebook revolution and my interest in how it unfolds), and why I didn't want to take it as my main tutorial, and then, he brought out my result sheets and asked me why I only got a C for Microeconomics and Statistics. That last part was a shock. But I managed to explain why, and assuming that there's space in the class, I should be able to take it as my sub-tutorial. YAY!

Announcement of Results (結果発表)

 The results were announced at noon today. Of course, I didn't know the time, just the date, so I went there in the morning and was puzzled at the lack of results. But since we have our 政治経済学 (um, Political Economics?) final exam part 2 from 1pm, I went to study.

Oh yes, Kyudai decided to announce the results one hour before a final exam. And since there was one teacher who had 40 students apply, there are at least 30 students who will be disappointed before they have to take a compulsory exam (This subject is compulsory for us).

The results were stuck on the board. I tried to blur out all the student numbers, but I think you can still get a feeling of what it's like, to be pushing your way through the crowd to look for your number.

My future teacher is all the way on the left.

Thankfully, I got in!

For the exam season, this is probably one of the best ways to end my week.

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