Saturday, 28 February 2015

River Hongbao Singapore (2015)

So, I actually have two ideas, but instead of combining them into one post and making things more confusing than usual, I'll just talk about River Hongbao today because today's the last day.

I actually wanted to see the lanterns light up, but I forgot that the sunset in Singapore is pretty late. So I got there, walked around, saw that the sun wasn't going to go down for half an hour or so, and so made my way back. Plus, I forgot my DSLR, so all I had was my iPhone, making the drive to wait even less.

I should just say, upfront, that all these photos are unedited because I took them about three hours ago.

So, River Hongbao is at the Float@Marina, which is basically where we had our National Day Parade for the last few years (not this year though). It's in the centre of the city, and it means that even if there wasn't a river hongbao, the view here is gorgeous, what with MBS (aka ship hotel) and the Esplanade (aka the Durian and source of pronunciation controversy) and THE CITY SKYLINE.

City skyline. 
I walked in from the Esplanade, towards the Singapore Flyer, and was met with these huge gates, and a lot of people. I didn't take any pictures, but Uncle Ringo, the carnival rides that you can hire (and my pri/sec school hires them for the school carnival every year) was there, making lots of little kids happy.

The lanterns, when viewed from a distance, is... a little underwhelming, to be honest. Either that, or there's not enough people there, so it's looks strange. I was probably more interested in the floor, because I've seen it during the parades so many times, but never got to stand on it.

Among the many lanterns, which included a wishing well, they had the twelve animals of the zodiac. That was actually pretty cool.

And before anyone asks, I have no idea why I made that face. Or why I look so awkward :p 

There was also a bridge, under which, I guess was Singapore in the olden days? It's SG50 this year (Singapore turns 50 years old, hence SG - Singapore 50), so we're basically celebrating for the whole year.

And they had a model of one of those old-school playground slides! These slides were everywhere in the past, and they were made of brick. These are softer (For the kiddies to play on without parents worrying, I guess), but it does remind me of the time playgrounds had sand, and not a rubber floor.

Another view of the lanterns, this time with the Singapore flyer inside. 
Apart from the lanterns, there was also a food street, which I guess is full of hawker food (the stores outside though, had okonomiyaki and takoyaki, made by Ramly burger (Ramly burger is really good though!!).
I want this in Japan, not Singapore! 
And, I thought this was cool, there was this Indian lady teaching people how to dance. I like this part of Singapore - all cultures can, and do, celebrate together.

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