Thursday, 16 April 2015

Huis Ten Bosch: Bye bye One Piece Boat

Ok, I'm finally here with the second part of the Huis Ten Bosch update. This time, instead of a new attraction, I'll be talking about one that is closing down soon.

As you may know, Huis Ten Bosch has quite a few One Piece attractions. It's quite strange, because Huis Ten Bosch is essentially a model of a Dutch town, but hey, I wasn't the architect. One of the two big One Piece attractions is the One Piece day cruise, which is closing in less than 20 days to go to a Huis Ten Bosch clone in Aichi (I checked the homepage, it's a clone). And since my friend was here, and we have friends in common that would go insane if they knew of the ship, we decided to just splash out, take lots of pics, and then tag everyone in the photo.

Sorry I didn't realise the picture was blurry. But yeah, the ticket. 

I almost didn't get on the ride though. We went to the game museum before the ride, and I lost the ticket there. Whoops. It took a lot of searching before it was found (and thankfully, there weren't that many people in the museum itself). But yay, disaster averted.

Ok, I tried to rein myself in, but there is still some photo spam. Enjoy, One Piece fans!

When I sent one of my friends pictures of this, he demanded to FaceTime immediately for a virtual tour. And then he asked to see Boa Hancock, who wasn't even on the ship.

I think this was the library in the original show? But they replaced it with cartoon pictures of sea creatures.

The boat is basically built like the anime, which is pretty cool. The lower deck is all shut in, but if you like Chopper, Sanji or Usopp, then it's the place for you. I prefer the upper deck though, for the fresh air and the sea view.

The boat ride is only 20 minutes though, so it's extremely short! They do sell food, and like drinks in a collectible mug, but it's really expensive and I'd rather have the food back in the Huis Ten Bosch (which is actually cheaper, though still expensive)

Most popular guy on the ship

For some reason, this reminds me of the cranky snail from SpongeBob Squarepants

The amazing thing is that my friend didn't spend all his time in this room. 
The view was pretty amazing too. I've never seen this view before.

Ok, back to the ship.

Nah, the view.

I've been resisting going on because it's pretty expensive, especially after you pay for lunch, the entrance tickets, etc (ok, comparatively, it's not that bad, but additional expenses stress the wallet). I'd say it's more for the One Piece fans, and I hope they get a normal, short cruise, because that alone is pretty fun.

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