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Monday, 13 April 2015

Huis Ten Bosch: SM Town Theatre

So recently, I had the opportunity to go to Huis Ten Bosch because I was showing a friend around. Apart from looking at the lawn of phlox flowers (aka lawn sakura), I also went to two attractions that I haven't been before.

The first is SM Town@Huis Ten Bosch. Are you a KPop fan? Then you'll know about SM Entertainment. They manage bands like Shinee, Exo, F(x), DBSK — which sadly broke up —, Super Junior, Girls Generation and others. Incidentally, the bands I named are the bands that appear in the "concert".

The SM Town Hologram Cocnert is taking the place of Mysterious Escher, which is now gone for good. It's quite sad for me, because I've always had a soft spot for that show.

Me and the ticket. My nose looks huge haha. (Why did I notice that first?)
If you have the annual passport (like me), or just the one day passport (like most people), then you get FREE SEATS. Well, you have to register in advance, and the seats aren't the best. But, I think they're pretty good, especially since the concert hall is so tiny anyway.

I'm not too sure who these people are, but I'm sure someone knows. 
The concert itself was better than what I expected. They took advantage of the fact it was a hologram to add a lot of special effects, but the people themselves looked quite real. I can say I didn't recognise about 90% of the songs, but it was interesting. Here's a teaser from the official channel:

This special attraction is open until the 5th of July, so you should hurry over if you want to watch the concert.

Now, can someone tell me why Henry from SuJu is so popular? So far, two people I've told this to have said "I'm not a huge fan of SuJu, but I like Henry".

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