Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My sister, studying in Japan

Great news everyone! I got my internet back (The Internet guy came today and fixed it this morning)! Oh, and I may have a sibling staying with me in Japan soon :D

You see, my youngest sister has been wanting to do two things: Study in an IB program, and study overseas someday. However, there's a shortage of IB schools in Singapore, and well, Singapore is home, not overseas.

But, when she came to visit me last year, we made a huge discovery. On our walk to Fukuoka Tower, we saw the Fukuoka International School (and some dolphin statues). Further investigation shows that the school takes in students all year round, so we made a plan. If she didn't get into ACS(I), she would apply to study in FIS, and come live with me. Walking distance and all that.

The dolphins were a huge draw too
She didn't get into ACS(I), and well, you know what happened. I wanted to tell everyone about her admittance earlier, but we hadn't settled visa matters. By the time we settled visa matters, the internet died. And so, today's the earliest that I can tell everyone. (one quarter of the year in. Where did time go?).

I'm soo excited. My apartment is really small, so fitting two in for the long term may be a challenge. At least there is a separate toilet and bath, so that should help in the mornings and evenings. Plus, we could always look for something in the area if that doesn't work out.

I can't wait!

Contemplating her future

If you have read past the huge photo, then APRIL FOOLS! The Internet thing is real, the school is real (and near my house) and the dolphin statues exist. My sister, however, isn't going to be studying in Fukuoka in the near future, however much she wants to. Unless she really did apply without telling me. We came up with this yesterday, for her to tell her friends, and I decided not to waste all the info we gathered :D

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