Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Gak is the sound that a person makes when choking, or at least that's what this onomatopoeia site says. 

And I'm definitely undergoing some mental choking right now. I had a presentation yesterday, and I have two book reports due tomorrow 5 p.m. Book reports, I should add, that I can't write because I haven't finished the books yet (one book arrived in the mail today a week after I ordered it, and my friend passed me the other one yesterday).

So when I opened up the book blog today to post one of the already-written reviews (thankfully there are holidays where I can read a lot), I just... paused. I couldn't even bring myself to write anything there, because I didn't really want to pretend that I'm on track with reading and reviewing when I'm currently off. I'll be fine tomorrow, after I submit everything (although I have another presentation next Tuesday - this is why entering two zemi's may not be the smartest choice), but today...


I don't I've written a negative-ish post for a long time (I think the last time was after my gaidai exams?), but yeah, I felt like I had to write this, or just stare at my computer for a few hours because my brain froze.

I'm definitely not discouraging people from coming, I love it here, most of the time, but I guess this is one of those "it's not all peaches and cream" posts that appear very infrequently.

Although I make sweets when nervous/stressed. I made Oreo marshmallow bars
the day before presentation (so, Monday). 

Oh yeah, and I wanted to apologise too. I know it's MEXT application season for a lot of you guys, and you're understandably nervous, but please, read through the FAQs and the Anti-FAQ (links are all on this page) before you ask me questions. I'd love to help, but my stress levels are very high right now and I can't spend too much time answering your questions, especially if I've answered them before or said that I can't answer them. So yes, I don't mean to be snappish, and if I am, I'm sorry. I know you're nervous too.

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