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Saturday, 6 June 2015

My First Flower Arranging Lesson

Hey everyone! The really busy two weeks are over, and I can't believe I said that. I have a presentation next week, but after two weeks of two or more presentations per week (or was it three weeks?), just one presentation seems fine. Even though, you know, I have a ton of research to do.

But enough grumbling, today, I wanted to share pictures of flowers! I was at Infini, and one of the classes today was on flower arrangement. But more like, how to arrange flowers for every day, not for fancy stuff. It's about making life seem that much more pleasant, by having flowers greet you at the door, and reflecting the season. The class also taught us how to pick flower shops and how to cut flowers and take care of them.

And there was how to mix colours, and to keep in mind where you place the flowers (is it a 180 degree view, or a 360 degree view).

Ok, ok, flower pictures! First, mine:

I've already forgotten the name of the leaves, but these round ones can be formed into a cone, and the roses placed inside. If the leaves are small, you can staple two together to form the cone. And when I wanted to cut off the stalks from the leaves, I was told not to, so they can get water too. (Must remember that these plants are living things too).

And according to the teacher, if you have this arrangement at a party you're hosting, you can just give each guest a rose when you leave. (I had extra roses though, so I placed them within the bouquet to fill the gaps)

The next four arrangements are by the other students!

I'm not sure why this picture is so yellow, but basically, this arrangement stands tall. The back leaves are stapled together, but the front most isn't. Flowers are sort of stacked according to height, if that makes sense.  Apparently, the leaves can last quite long, so you just need to change the flowers every few days (I think the leaves last a week or so?)

For this one, the leaves make up the bulk of the arrangement, and you don't need that many flowers. Still so pretty!

One of the ways we were taught to use the leaves is to use them as a sort of container. At first, I wondered what you can do with a plate, but it just goes to show what creativity can do.

This one is adorable, not least because it's in a teacup! It also uses leaves, rolled up, to help hold the flowers in place. It's so sweet!

And apart from this, the teacher also brought in a few arrangements. I didn't take pictures of all of them though ><

Apparently, these cups belong to the school. So just by stacking them and using a few flowers, she created this striking arrangement!

Another arrangement which uses leaves to hold the flowers in place. One more thing we were taught with regards to colour is to consider the colour of the vase/container. Plain is easier to match, and something simple (like the cups above), is better because you can stack them and combine them easily.

I love this last one! According to the teacher, these glasses are from the 100 yen store. And you can place cakes/sandwiches on the bottom plate. Or, you could put flowers on the lower two levels, and then put a floating candle, or fill the top glass with chocolate. I'd actually like to try this.

I don't know why, but I quite like this shot. 
Anyway, this picture is of the same arrangement, but it's for me to remember that the glass is slippery, so I should put a leaf at the bottom to make sure the flowers don't slip about. 

All the pictures are like inspiration for bringing flowers into the home. Of course, with me, I don't think I'll be buying bunches of flowers every week any time soon. Apart from the fear of dengue (thanks Singapore Anti-Dengue Campaigns), I'd rather spend the money on food or books. Or save it because it feels like I'll need to spend a lot on internships, which will be another post. When I can collect my thoughts. And that reminds me I need to start revving up the internship stuff too. 

Now that relaxed feeling from the afternoon is gone.

Back to looking at nice pictures of flowers. Then I'll try to study.

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