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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Osaka U-Program (Guest Post by Devangi Yadav)

Hey everyone! As you know, I've been asking people to come and guest blog about your experience about MEXT. I mean, I'm only one person, and I only went to TUFS. And for all you people wondering about Osaka U, well, you should really be thankful to Devangi for guest blogging about the Osaka U-Program. 

She covers the dorm, the room (which automatically makes this more detailed, because my TUFS post was only the room, if I remember correctly), her schedule, and she drew a self-protrait!

And unlike what she said, she was not annoying at all. I'm really glad that she's my kouhai now. 

Devangi: Thank you so much for doing this, and I hope the rest of your MEXT life is equally fun! Ganbatte for the September exams!


Hello everyone!

My name is Devangi and I will do my Bachelors in Japan under the MEXT scholarship for Undergraduate studies, I started this year so I’m just at the beginning of my journey and I’d love to introduce you to the place where it started, in Osaka! For those of you who don’t know: the Undergraduate Program scholars are split into two groups, one goes to Tokyo University of Foreign Studies or TUFS (like Eustacia Senpai 3 years ago!) and the other group goes to ‘Center for Japanese Language and Culture’ (CJLC) in Osaka University, for their Language training.

So we are basically called the ‘U-Program’ students over here, you can find the basic information about our program in Osaka in the following link:

About U Program

Moving on, I’d like to share some pictures of my Dorm.

I know everyone says this before the share these pictures, (I'm looking at you Eustacia Senpai ) but viewer discretion is advised, the following pictures of my room are a bit messy! (There are a lot of pictures)

Common Facilities:

Each Floor has their own kitchen, laundry room and common seating area.

(Note from Eustacia: Devangi gave me this very nicely arranged word document, but Blogger won't let me put two picture next to each other without combining them into one image. So in case you get confused, images first, then explanation)

Kitchen! We share our Kitchen, but it’s pretty cool since we also eat together some times.

The Laundry Room and Our Mail Boxes

Elevator and the Common Table where we sometimes eat. (My Floor)

The Common Area of Dorm 2, A TV, Ping Pong Table ☺

Souvenirs from different parts of the world! Left by previous senpais. (That is in Dorm 1)

That is a picture of Dorm 2 and the one beside it shows a part of the Osaka University, Minoh Campus.

Dorm 1 has 4 floors for Boys and 1 for Girls, It has shared bathrooms. Dorm 2 is Girls only, and also private bathrooms!! ;)

Link to the street view of the Campus:

In front of the Dorms!

My Room!

It really is very messy so I'll use a sketch to show how it is.

Hope you get the Idea!

I am in the Natural Sciences – A Category so this is my schedule:

Btw if this crazy question popped up in your mind,

“Is this all in Japanese?”

- “Yes, it is.”

But don't worry, I didn't know any Japanese either. Yet, I am alive!

That is a random sketch of me!

It was really fun making this, because I enjoy it here a lot. So I wanted to give people something to look at while they waited for the loooong MEXT selection process to get done with (I annoyed Eustacia Senpai a lot and also stalked her blog day dreaming all the time ;))

It's going to be one of the best experiences of your life, I am not whining (yet) because the September Exams are still quite a few days away!

Best of Luck to everyone who applied for this!!

Thank you Eustacia senpai for allowing me to do this post!

 - Devangi Yadav 
Mext Undergrad 


I hope you enjoyed this really informative post. If you're a MEXT scholar and you have something you want to share (about application, your university, or your own take on TUFS/Osaka U/Kyushu U), please drop me a comment or an email. I'd love to feature more of your stories here! 

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