Friday, 12 June 2015

These Animals Should Not Be Here

In the past two days, I saw two animals that I don't think belong here.

Yesterday, I opened my door and saw this:

The consensus is that it's a crab, but what is a crab doing outside my house? I mean, there's a river, but it's quite far and you have to cross traffic. Yet it's not squashed.

And today, while walking through the campus, I came across this:

You may not be able to see it, but it's a snake. SNAKE. I didn't dare to go closer (though the bestie claims she would have gone up close). And now, the question:

"Why did the snake cross the road?"

"Because the girl refused to walk unless it went away."

And to give a short, school-related update, I had two presentations today! One was for a newspaper report (result: the teacher wants everyone to present in English from now on. I'm sorry). And the other was for Industrie 4.0. I posted for help a few days ago, and got some good recommendations, and now, we're narrowing down our field of study to Singapore. There is exactly one paper that mentions "Industry 4.0" and "Jurong Eco-Industrial Park" (the industrial area for Singapore), and one of my awesome friends is interning for that project!

As always, having two presentations stressed me so much that I ended up making this:

Oreo and Cheese truffles with white chocolate drizzled over it. It was actually a success (Oreo is going to be my new favourite ingredient at this rate), and I'm planning to make more to give my friend as a birthday present when I next see her on Tuesday.

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