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Monday, 20 July 2015

Aomori - Tokyo Zemi Trip: Part 1 (Getting to Aomori)

So, my zemi trip is finally over, and I arrived back in Fukuoka yesterday. I also started throwing up yesterday, so yeah, I came back with an extra "present" :/ So yeah, short post today (I was going to split it into 2, but now I'm guessing 3 or more posts)

Anyway, I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier (Maybe I did, maybe I didn't), but I had to go on a trip to Aomori, and then to Tokyo. Unfortunately, since I wasn't in charge of zemi trips, I have no idea how much it costs, so this isn't that good for a travel reference. But hey, I might as well share about Aomori Public University, right? And because of privacy concerns, there probably won't be that many photos (if my classmates/other people are inside, it's a no-go).

Getting to Aomori

Normally, I'd be taking the plane, but in the interest of keeping costs low (this was about 12000 yen for a one way trip, not counting the cost of the train), we took a plane to Narita, and then a night bus from Shinjuku to Aomori. So that meant in order to arrive in Aomori by Thursday, we had to leave on Wednesday.

So, my first trip with this zemi. Again, I'm the only girl in my year (there's a girl senior, so that's better than being the only girl in the entire zemi), and hence, the only one in my trip. On the bright side, my luggage was not the biggest, because suits take up a lot of space.

We met at Fukuoka airport at around 2, and arrived in Narita, around 6, I think. From there, we had to make our way to Shinjuku. I'm not sure how, but the route we took wasn't the usual one that I take, so we had to change a few times. I did get to see this awesome view though.

So dinner, blah blah blah, we then we killed time till the bus. Nothing much, to be honest.

I was very amused by the bus though, probably more than I should have. It was my first time taking the Night Bus, and we took a bus by Willer. The seats were way more comfortable than that of the plane, and they had a hood!

It's actually a really smart idea, since it blocks the light. I actually managed to sleep a little. Since it was my first time on the bus, I really, really wanted to take loads of photos, but my friends were there, and it would awkward. Perhaps next time - I wouldn't mind taking an overnight bus to Osaka or something.

We arrived in Aomori around 9 the next day, and it was so cool there! I think it was below 25 degrees, which felt so good! But we were all tired and I really needed to freshen up before the presentations in the afternoon. Thankfully, my friends found an onsen within Aomori city.

It might be because I was tired, but the onsen felt really good, even if I couldn't spend that long in there. Felt better and bigger than the one in Beppu too. Anyway, we were all hungry after that, so we had Nokkedon (のっけ丼) at Aomori Ichiba (Site in Japanese)

Basically, you buy tickets (5 for 540, or 10 for 1080), and use that to make your own donburi. Trust me, you'll want to 10 ticket one. Actually, if I knew better, I'd probably have gotten 15 tickets. Rice is 1 ticket (2, if you want extra), soup is 1 ticket, and the rest depends. Eggs/Salmon are 1 ticket, Ikura, Crab and Prawn were 2 tickets. Basically, the recommendation was to make one round the different stalls before deciding.

Add caption
 Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take pictures of the stalls, as I was too busy choosing my food. It's really a normal market, but with an extra addition that lets you build your own meal.

My breakfast!
After breakfast, we found a place to study for a while, then off to Aomori Public University!

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