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Friday, 31 July 2015

Manga*Anime*Games from Japan Exhibition

Hey! I've been having exams this whole week, and finally got a break. So obviously, I remembered that in my last post, I forgot something. (With any luck, my memory was fine during the actual exams.)

Basically, if you're in Tokyo anytime from now to the end of August, you have to check out the Manga*Anime*Games exhibition (ニッポンのマンガ*アニメ*ゲーム). I went there on the last day, and it was fantastic.

The exhibition is being held at The National Art Centre, Tokyo. The closest station is Nogizaka Station (乃木坂) on the Chiyoda line. Entrance fee is 1000 yen for adults and 500 yen for university students.

The English page on their site is actually really comprehensive, with a detailed outline of the exhibition and the English PDF of their guidebook.

Sadly, no photos allowed inside the exhibition.

The only photo I managed to take. Conan!!
I went with a friend, and it was so much fun. I knew a few of the manga/anime/games, but not all. My friend knew way more, but not all either. And at the end, I ended up with 9 more series to start. Too bad I went just before my exams - if I have time during the summer, you'll know what I'm doing!

Guidebook (English and Japanese), plus list of exhibits
I just remembered, thanks to Nic, I actually have a few more photos - of the gift shop. I wanted to get her something, since she always randomly sends me cute stuff and letters, and this was the perfect opportunity. 

So many books that I wanted to get! I'll have to go haunt BookOff soon. 
 There was actually a lot of senbonzakura (千本桜) stuff over there, and it was really pretty! A lot of Gacha machines too. And of course, a lot of books. I was thinking of getting the exhibition book (lots of details about the various manga/anime/games and their backgrounds), but they didn't have an English edition. I heard they're planning to put one out though! I can only hope they sell it on Amazon as well if that happens.

In the end, Nic gets a file and a cute little mirror thing. Too bad it wasn't a badge.

Hi Nic! *waves* The blue one is yours :D 
So, if you're a fan of anime, manga or games and you happen to be in Tokyo, hurry up and get to the exhibition. You definitely won't regret it! 

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