Monday, 31 August 2015

Calvary Chapel Youth Camp 2015

Since I went home almost as soon as the holidays started last year, I missed out on youth camp. But this year, I managed to go! It was inconvenient and expensive, but hey, I got to eat sweets with Simone before that, then meet some old friends and make new ones.

This year's camp was in some rural party of Tokyo (strange as that may sounds) that isn't Tama. Or at least, isn't near Tama station. I'm not actually sure where it is, but it was near a really famous hot spring, and had a pretty cool view. Take a look at the picture I took from my room:

And unlike the camp two years ago, I actually timed my flight so that I could attend all three days of camp. And it was so worth it! Apart from the daily onsens, which were so good, it was just awesome to be able to worship together with fellow Christians. I know, I do that every week, but these are people my age! 

Oh, but one weird thing that happened was that I continually mixed up the ages of my acquaintances. Since these are people I only meet at camp, I didn't actually add the 2 years needed to their age. So this happened a lot. 

"_____, how's highschool?"

"Eustacia, I'm in university." 

*Cue shocked face*

I think I only got a few people's ages right, and that's because they were from Calvary Chapel Fuchu. And not all of them, I mistook all the secondary school girls as primary school girls. Yikes.

Our camp shirt!

Of course, we also went to the river this year. It was actually pretty easy to make our way there, although I didn't go in. I did get wet though, because someone poured water on me. (At least my camera wasn't hurt)

Chilling the watermelon for suikawari later. 

Oh, and by the way, there was this really weird thing on a rock by the river. It's definitely not a worm, but no one could figure out what it is. Does anyone know? It's the red thing in the photo below:

And of course, we had a BBQ! Grilled hotdogs and chips for everyone!

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And although I didn't post any pictures showing it, there were a lot of people at the river. Lots of families doing their own BBQs and having fun. I was quite surprised, since well, it's not something people in Singapore do. We got to restaurants by the Singapore river to eat, but you don't see people making a day of it. But I totally understand why, chilling by the river is awesome, and I didn't even miss my phone (ok, I missed it a little, but only because I wanted to take photos)

And now, I have a sort of one week "break" before my school camp starts. Sadly, it's election in Singapore, so I'll be worrying about that from all the way here.

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