Monday, 3 August 2015

Exams ended and...

I received confirmation that I failed my first subject.

I say confirmation because my teacher told me, right after the test, that I failed by one mark. Let this be a lesson: remembering formula is important, but so is remembering kanji. I kinda wrote the wrong kanji and lost the marks that would have pushed me over to passing.

Weirdly enough, I'm not that sad. I guess it's a combination of having awesome people to talk to about this, hearing the news during exam week (So I have to just keep moving forward), and getting the confirmation while in the post-exam euphoria.

Oh well, lesson learnt. And this is a reminder for me to not try to do everything by myself, but to lean more on God (:

On to the next semester! (After I finish the two reports I'm supposed to do in the holidays).

今日は前期の期末試験のおわりです〜 そして、経営政策は一転で不合格ということをわかりました。おしかったですね!でも、後期は頑張ります!

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