Monday, 24 August 2015

This is for the people in Fukuoka・福岡にある方へのお願い

Hey everyone! So, I came back from Tokyo on Sunday (it was an awesome Church camp and mini-food tour), and I started my 3 day internship today. So, while I really, really want to talk about the stuff I went around eating, I'm gonna wait till Wednesday to do that, because right now, there's something more important I want to ask all of you in Fukuoka, and those of you who know someone living in Fukuoka.

Basically, about two weeks ago, I found this kitten on the way back from Church.

I first stopped because she was tiny and adorable, but upon closer inspection, there was something very wrong. S/he didn't seem to be able to move her hind legs, and there was pus filling both her eyes. S/he didn't seem to be able to see. And unfortunately, the nearby vet clinic was closed. So in the end, we (there was another member who stopped as well) brought her to the Church, where another member who keeps 3 cats offered to bring her to a vet.

Tonight, I got a call from that Church member. The cat is as healthy as it's gonna get, which is to say, it can see now, but can't move its hind legs at all. But, the Church lady can't keep anymore cats, and I'm pretty sure my apartment won't let me keep a cat either (plus, I'm not in the house the whole day, which would be awful for any animal).

So, if you're in Fukuoka and in a place that lets you keep cats (and you happen to like them), can you consider adopting this little kitty? It's only 3 or 4 weeks old, according to the Vet, and needs a lot of TLC. Or, if you know someone that wants a cat, please let me know.

Thank you.





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