Friday, 25 September 2015

Friends and Food Picture Spam: The fun parts of my Singapore Trip

I'm back in Japan! 13 hour flights are awful, and going back for only 9 days (and for a research trip) means that I didn't have nearly enough time to meet people/rest. I'm actually more stressed now than before the trip :p But, the trip was fruitful (let me know if you want to hear a summary of what I learnt - or not. It might be boring), and I managed to meet a few of my friends. It's a good thing they were either:

A. Working
B. On recess week (lucky Singapore uni students

Under interesting stuff I ate, there was the Banana Chicken from Swensen's

The chicken was actually really tender. And I like bananas, so.... I just wish the sauce had more to a kick of it. It was kind of bland.

Oh, but I know a place with awesome sauce. It's Old School Delights!! I went there with Nic and Bekah for dinner when I was back in Singapore (I spent about 4 days in Malaysia for a conference + factory visit)

The place is really adorable!

Although it seems like we were born just a little too early. Anyway, the tables had so much stuff from our childhoods, from toys:


To the comics we used to read:

And ordering was done on a portable whiteboard!!

While I have no photos, the Black Pepper Chicken and Chops was fantastic! The sauce was a little sweet, and even though my dish was the Fish and Chips (fish was good, the tartar sauce tasted like mayo), I asked for the Black Pepper sauce and dipped everything in it.

Everything but dessert, that is.

Dessert was a warm chocolate banana fudge cake and it was awesome!

Happy bunch ^^
After that, I managed to meet Amanda, Pone and Dinh!! We went to Tim Ho Wan for Dim Sum with my senior and classmate, and I managed to persuade them to come to my house for tea and more talking later. Time passed so fast - by the time I noticed, it was 10:30 :p

Also, my Japanese classmates have never seen me this hyper before. It's the company I tell you - I'm actually quieter in Japan, although it doesn't seem like it :p

Incidentally, the lanterns at China town this year include a huge, multicolour Merlion. I assume because SG50
 And after one of the conference (IOT Show Asia), we went to meet my cousin for dinner! Turns out, she had to do loads of overtime, so we started first. We went to Lau Pa Sat in the CBD for satay, and despite the fact that we sat down and ordered from the first stall, the satay was good! Really tender, and not dry at all.

Lau Pa Sat at night. 
At least we ordered so much satay that it was enough for 4.

My pretty cousin and I - The haze is really bad in Singapore now.
One day of contacts was enough. I switched to glasses for the night, and it was much more comfortable.

Oh, and another offering from Swensen's - Milo Dinosaur dirt pot. I wanted to have this, but the first time we went to Swensens, the staff forgot to put it on the order...

Good thing there's a Swensen's near Suntec City, so we managed to go there for lunch!!

And on my last night, we had steamboat!!


I had my family and friends over, though all the photos with my family are on my camera. And I don't have permission to share those photos. Friends though, don't mind. 

Love you girls! Thanks for coming!!!
 Bekah couldn't make it (Boooo), but she sent a box of the cutest macarons through my uncle!

Look at the LINE characters! 

If it weren't for the fact that I had to go back the next morning, I wouldn't have been able to eat them. Too cute! But I had to. 

And they were delicious!
The next day/yesterday, I flew back to Singapore. Despite the plane leaving Changi at 8am, I didn't in arrive in Fukuoka until 9:20 pm. That's over thirteen hours, which is seven more than what I'm used to. I blame the two transfers (one at Hong Kong and one at Taipei).

On the bright side, I bought Terry Pratchett's Snuff at HKIA's Page One. 

And I like this outdoor camera thing the plane has. 

And that would be a really quick update on the Singapore trip. I think Nic nominated me for the Liebster Blog thing, so that will probably be my next post. And then I have so many things going on in October that I'm questioning my own sanity in taking them up, so there's either going to be more posts that normal, or I'm going to go into shutdown mode and not blog at all (I've got 2 papers, and I'm going to TUFS to talk to the Kouhai's, and probably to Kyoto as well).

I was pretty sure I wanted to blog about something else today, but then I forgot what it was =.= Or did I originally plan to blog about this and then forget but somehow remembered? I guess I'm more tired than expected - wish me luck for my papers (I've got one that's in the "DANGER" zone right now). Oh, and a warning on a company that I recently freelanced for - that's another post coming up.

I believe that's all. I've really got to start doing things regularly, instead of dumping them into one big post :p 

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