Saturday, 12 September 2015

I voted!

As you may have known, Singapore had its elections recently. And since I'm finally, 21, voting has become one of my duties as a Singaporean. So, straight after my zemi gasshuku (which was way fun, and I'll share with everyone what went on tomorrow) ended, I headed to Fukuoka airport so I could fly to Tokyo to vote.

10th September

The original plan was to make it in time to catch the Keisei Skyliner into Tokyo, arriving at Kichijoji slightly after midnight (I've done it once). But, due to the plane being delayed, and Jetstar landing at Terminal 3, which is a ten minute walk from the station, the only train left was the last train.

Have I mentioned that I really, really don't like boarding last trains? It makes me all anxious. And to make things worse, I had to change trains at Tokyo station, which is huge and a place that confuses me. So to recap: long, long train ride, and a 6 minute scrabble to get on the right train (which is also the last train). Or, end up sleeping in Tokyo station, because there is no way I can afford a cab.

Thankfully, I have extremely awesome family and friends, who basically talked to me for the entire train ride so that I wouldn't fall asleep. I think I was basically glued to my phone, letting the artificial light keep me awake. So yeah, thanks 家人 for the whatsapp group (especially Da Jie) and Charmaine and Dinh/Happy and to my senpai. Seriously, I would have fallen asleep, on account of waking up early to go fishing.

I somehow made it on the right train. To be honest, I was very panicked at Tokyo, because I kept thinking I was running in the wrong direction (and yes, I was running, with my laptop and everything). But eventually, I got on the last train, which goes to Mitaka, one stop after Kichijoji.

So by the time I got to Sonya's place, it was just past 1:30 am.

11th September

Polling day today, so I woke up at 8. My flight back to Fukuoka was around 5, so I had time to go to Dominque Ansel's bakery with Sonya to get breakfast. I figured, if I'm going to be in Tokyo, I might as well get someone delicious to eat, right? And then I bought banana pudding from Magnolia bakery (thankfully they're so close to one another), and prayed that it would last till I was back in Fukuoka.

From Omotesando, I took the subway to Azabujuban, or as I call it "the place that I can't remember how to pronounce". I've never been to the embassy before, so I didn't know that it was located on a steep slope. That laptop that saved my phone from dying last night suddenly feels like a burden, as is all the Dominque Ansel stuff I bought as omiyage.

Oh, and unfortunately, I didn't get to take any photos. The guards at the gate took my camera, and then I had no opportunity.

So basically, this is how voting went: I entered the embassy, and gave them my polling letter and passport. When they checked that yes, I am registered to vote, I was directed to the polling station, which I'm guessing is normally a library. There, I got the letter and passport checked again, before someone read out my GRC and name. I was then given a slip of paper and directed to one of the two booths, and told "the instructions are there".

Being me, I probably checked the "X" I made five times before I was finally satisfied that no, my body did not betray me and make me vote for the wrong party. I then dropped my vote into the box, and it was over.

I was in and out in ten minutes.

At least getting to Narita airport from the embassy was easy. Only one change, and much cheaper than the Keisei Skyliner.

Unfortunately, the plane back was also delayed. I reached Fukuoka past 8, and got home close to 9pm.

There went my plan of taking tons of cool sunset photos. 

And really, I must say, I'm so happy that Singapore released the Sample Poll results this year. Once I knew the sample poll results, I stayed up to hear the official results for my GRC (Yay SDP did NOT win) and then went to bed.

I'm really glad that I voted in this election.

Now, I'm gonna go to bed early.

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