Thursday, 3 September 2015

Macdonald's Japan Tsukimi Burger + Mochimochi Cheeseballs

So when I was reading the Singapore papers the other day, I saw that Macdonald's Singapore started selling sweet potato fries today. And you know me, I love sweet potato. So I excitedly rushed to Macdonald's Japan website, reasoning that the land of yakiimo has got to have sweet potato fries. Right?


But, they do have the Tsukimi (lit "Moon viewing") burgers (Link to their page, in Japanese. It may expire when the campaign is over), a mochi-mochi cheeseball, and hazelnut mcflurry. So while Nic and Bekah are going to make me jealous by getting sweet potato fries, I tried to get back at them by trying the Tsukimi Burger and mochi-mochi cheeseball.

Ok, let's start with the burger. There are basically three Tsukimi burger (beef patty+bacon) - The normal one, the Hokkaido Cheese (which is the normal one + cheese), and a chicken version, where the beef patty is replaced with chicken. Obviously, I chose the Hokkaido cheese one.

Taste-test time: It was good. I mean, how can beef and bacon go wrong? Plus, I like eggs, like the egg mcmuffin sort of eggs, so of course I liked this. I just wish the cheese had a stronger taste, I think the sauce that came on the bacon was stronger. 

Next, the mochi-mochi cheeseballs, which make me so excited because I was thinking of the awesome risotto cheeseballs that Macdonalds sold during the World Cup.  

Taste-test: Disappointing. I may have eaten it at the wrong time (it wasn't hot by the time I got home), but I did the same with the risotto balls and they were still delicious. The inside, the mochi+cheese part wasn't bad, but the coating tasted stale. Kinda like fried rice-krispies that had gotten soft. 

Well, I guess Bekah and Nic gets the last laugh. The burger was good, but the cheeseballs were sad. Macdonalds should just bring the risotto balls back and make them part of the permanent menu :p 

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