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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Saga International Balloon Fiesta Days 1 and 2

I'm writing this as we're waiting for news about whether the afternoon competition of Day 2 for the Saga International Balloon Fiesta can be held. The wind's been rather strong since this morning (we actually cancelled, then resumed the morning competition), so it's a bit hard to say whether we can hold this afternoon's competition. I'm hoping so though, because this morning netted photos like this:

But, since I don't have much time, I shall hold back on the photo spam (though I suspect I'll still share way too many photos).

Anyway, since yesterday, I've been spending my time in Saga. My main role is to take photos and upload them to Instagram (incidentally, you can check out the official Instagram here). So it's basically a rush to take photos, then a lull between events as I edit and upload the photos. And write my essay.

I honestly think coming to Saga has made me more productive - and also able to ask people infinitely more capable than me for help. Since coming, I've managed to finish my analysis (in R language!), and have written out 2.5 parts out of 7 for the essay (and I think I'm only supposed to do 3 or 4, since it's a partner work).

Oh no, I'm listening to the announcers now, and they say if the wind doesn't die down, they'll have to cancel the event).

In any case, a photo from yesterday:

The balloons being inflated
One good thing about volunteering is that I can go into restricted areas, which lets me get much closer to take photos. Or take photos of the balloons against the sun, as it was the case this morning, because the sun rose from behind the audience.

The grounds are pretty cool too - I saw a minion scarecrow near the bus stops:

Today also had more events than yesterday, I saw some awesome kites, and a really cool bike demonstration by Honda bikes.

I should really stop now. I think the official announcements are coming soon XD

The rest of the festival will probably be like this: me dropping in when I have an extended period of time (and have no more brains to deal with my essay) to give updates. After the whole thing, I'll make a huge huge post of "Eustacia's Guide to the Saga International Balloon Festival" or "My Volunteering Experience" (which do you prefer?) with more details and photos.

And if you prefer to read things as they go on, my Dayre is updated around the same time I update my Instagram. It's seriously a live-blog kind of thing, so not everything will make it here (and not everything from here will come from there), but there are snatches of updates there.

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