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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I tried to go see the momiji but...

... they were still green.

So basically on Sunday, my mom and my bro (who are visiting) and I decided to go to Kawachi Fuji Garden (the place I went to during Golden Week). The momiji looked really pretty in the brochure, this was a good season, and Sunday was pretty much the only day we had to go. So after Church, we headed straight to Hakata and boarded the train.

First, we stopped by the nearby onsen for lunch:

locally produced agedashi tofu!! Really delicious
And then we made our way to the gardens.

Sadly, this was the sight that greeted us.

It was really pretty though. I enjoyed hiking through the place, although we kept thinking that it would be so much prettier if everything had already turned red (oddly enough, there were already a lot of fallen leaves).

I think it's the unusually warm weather. Today was the first day I had to wear a winter jacket, which is weird for the time of the year.

Anyway, we stopped and rested for a while, took a few pictures, then we found a few leaves that had turned red. Obviously it was time to spam pictures.

Although most of it had to be closeups, or you'd immediately see it was mostly green.

Not to mention warm filters placed over the photos.

It was like, I kept thinking if I walked just a bit further, I would see a stretch of red. But that never happened. The red was here and there, but not together enough. This turned out to be the best photo I could take:

But all in all, I'm pretty glad we got to take the trip to Kawachi Fuji Gardens. It was pretty, just... not red enough. But it was pretty.

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