Saturday, 21 November 2015

九大祭 (Kyudaisai)

My mom and bro came yesterday, and since the Kyudaisai (Kyushu University Festival) is today and tomorrow, I brought them to the Kyudaisai today! And because I have always very conveniently found reasons to travel during the festival, this is also the first time that I've been there XD

Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera even though I charged it. So only phone photos today.

To be honest, I didn't really expect much from Kyudaisai (you can totally tell I'm not the rah-rah school type, even if I have a lot of school pride for my primary/secondary/JC schools). I only went because of two things:

1. My friend and her band were performing
2. For some reason, I bought tickets for grilled ramen from my senpai.

I totally expected to be done in an hour or two. I did not expect it to be this interesting!

So first, the things we planned:

My friend and her band performed three songs! And she's really good, although the instruments seemed to be a bit too loud - they tended to overwhelm the vocals.

After that, my brother saw some advertisement for a video-game booth, which happened to be next to where the bands were performing, so we went there!

It was 100 yen for 4 tickets, but since my brother is still in primary school, he got an extra ticket free.

And here's a random shot of the school grounds:

When he finally finished, my mom and I were finished so we went to eat the grilled ramen, which sounds like an oxymoron. I think they sort of fry the ramen on the grill with the soup, so the end product is like dry instant noodles - delicious, but if you're the sort that doesn't like strong tastes, you may find it salty. My mom and I loved it though.

After Ramen, we decided to go see the magic cafe. It was 300 yen for a magic show, one drink and one cookie/muffin. I don't have any photos cause I was too busy watching, but the magic was amazing. The magician at our table specialises in coin and card tricks, and it was really fun. My bro loved the magic tricks XD

We also heard about some live-animal exhibit thing, so we went to see that! They have some quiz thing going on, but I was too lazy to hunt for the answers and just went to look at the pretty bugs (they had some sea animals too, and some snakes and some frogs)

We were almost ready to leave after that. But first, my brother wanted to go to see the survival game, so we went to the sports hall! We kinda got distracted though. First, there was the origami:

No cutting involved, apparently.

Then my mom and I got an impromptu lesson on how to perform emergency medical help. They were all medical students in that club, and the student who taught us had really good English. I could just stand at one side and watch.

In retrospect though, we should have bought the survival game (shooting targets) tickets first, cause there was a thirty minute wait. They had a bunch of air guns on display and some army uniforms you could try, but that didn't really fill up thirty minutes. We ended up reading.

After that, we went to see the juggling club, where we got to try out some sort of thing, and then we finally were ready to leave. By then, it was past two. I'm actually glad that I got to go to the festival once before I graduate. Next year... unless there's a good reason, I'll probably spend it travelling again :p

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