Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Zemi Paper is Done!

After stressing out about this for the past few weeks, I finally handed in my third year zemi-paper yesterday!

I'm like finally! The last part was really tough.

When we finally got approval for the way we wanted to do the topic, we ran into a few problems. For example, data collection. I thought that the big CSR book would be the worst, but then I found out that we'd need to add the percentages of foreign investors one by one. THANK YOU BEKAH YOU ROCK FOR HELPING

Then, I discovered that we couldn't do multiple regression analysis in R because we had too many variables. Apparently, you can use R, but I'm useless at R. I have the program, but that's it. Thankfully, I went to Saga for the balloon fiesta (post coming soon), and my senior helped me find the command. Seven sets of data analysed in one hour!

And then there was the writing, which was a whole other can of worms. If you give me full space to rant, I would, but I already did that for 3 days. I'm just very thankful that my sub-zemi classmates are extremely nice and patient and helped me with my Japanese and all that. Somehow, I managed to finish 90% of the essay (other 10% was written by my paper partner).

Next up: My sub-zemi's final presentation is supposed to be tomorrow, so here's hoping I can speak tomorrow. My cough is still here >< And I have a paper due for one of my classes, and I haven't done it yet. Gonna do it right now, so see you all around!

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