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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Illuminations 2015: Huis Ten Bosch

Hey everyone!! I just realised I haven't done any illumination posts this year! Well, I haven't really been anywhere, but the Huis Ten Bosch illuminations are even better this year! Apart from the multi-colour river of light, they now have waterfall of light from the Domtorem. And a balloon street.

By the way, I did take photos with my DSLR, but I've been lazy and haven't done any editing. These are all my iPhone shots, but if I somehow took some really good ones with my DSLR, I'll share them later(:

Before we start, here's a sunset photo. Just cause I thought it was pretty.

First up - what's new:

1. Bungee Jumping Thing

Yes, there's a bungee jumping platform, so you can have a look at the illuminations before you fling yourself off and wait for the rope to extend. I really wanted to go, but we were on a tight schedule, so sadly, I only have a photo of it in a panorama.

It's the T-shaped thing on the right. 

2. Waterfall of Light.

No idea if this is the correct name, but pictures of it are EVERYWHERE in Fukuoka. If they're advertising for Huis Ten Bosch, they have this.

And, the waterfall changes colours! In this picture, it's all rainbow coloured, but in the closeup, it's blue. Ready for the close up?




I could stare at it for a long, long time. Too bad it was really cold, and I had a lot of things I wanted to see.

3. Balloon Street

I believe during the summer months, this street was a umbrella street (my friend says it's pretty cool), but now, it's a balloon street! In the day, it's there, looking all pretty:

Although there are sticks handing down as well.
And at night, it sort of lights up!

I believe there's an illumination show, but we were eating when it happened so....

Others: I believe there's also the begonia garden of light or something like that, but so much to see, too little time. These were really the main three points that were new to me this year, and yes, I found it worth the visit. And for those wondering about the train (last direct train ends pretty early), you should consider the bus. The last bus is at 8pm, so that's about 3 hours (maybe 2 and a half?) of darkness to rush around and see all the illuminations.

And the rest of the photos are of places you may have already seen, but I still find pretty.

The parade!! I remember participating with my sisters, but this time, we just happened to be in its path and was happily watching from the sidelines.

I think this is the mascot? 

And strangely enough, when we went for the illumination show at the horror-house place (It's called Fantasy something, my mind suddenly cant' remember the proper name), I was shocked at how little people there were. Time to take a clear panorama.

I guess most people wanted to see the projection mapping show, not the illumination one (they split it into two this year). The illumination was pretty cool though - I just wish they blended the various songs together better.

And of course, my favourite river:

Now with a waterfall of light in the background :D

And I managed to go up to Domtorem this year! Did not lose my card (although that isn't actually an accomplishment)

And last but not least, the famous windmills!! I cannot wait to come back here for the tulip/sakura season!! Even if I have to go alone. But hopefully not.

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